General Rules and ExpectationsEdit

We are a active alive english alliance. We require ABB participation, with very easy requirements.

  1. General login rule is to login at least once every 7 days. If you are seen to never really be active, but "just logging in" this will probably end up getting you the boot.
  2. No requirements for specific for Tower Events or DRV (just login at least 1 every 7 days, appear to be somewhat active)
  3. ABB has a total of 368 battles for free players assuming perfect attendance and no rods used or BP found in panels. We would like to see 100 battles per player per ABB minimum (about 200 emblems). Over the 6 days, that's about 16 battles per day.
  4. Goddess worship for the N goddess should be done daily. Friendship Point and R Goddesses are optional.

The main point of the rules is to make sure people stay active and are contributing to the alliance. We aren't super strict on these, but are to just trying keep people's expectations and experience consistent.

We generally use Discord for chat and other sharing.

Both merchant Job is shared among members.

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