「♪」#1 English Alliance in VC [23/30 Slots] Edit

Introduction Edit

20180628 064411432 iOS

Hello! 「♪」Last Order is currently recruiting active players, we are the most active and famous English alliance in VC. We believe that teamwork and unity leads to great things! We are a true jack of all trades alliance! We have the most sends, most consecutive rankers, and strongest (and consistent) ABB of any English alliance in VC! If not convinced, continue reading. ^_-

We are currently coming out of a hiatus, and are looking for players. With us you can expect just about anything you desire:

  • Lots of rings for ABB
  • Lots of Laws/Faws daily
  • Players who rank in all events
  • Trusted Piloting system during ABB so that rodders can still play rounds while asleep or at work.
  • An alliance where you never feel like you're doing all the work.

Rules are just to be active in ABB

Contact the leader on Line or Discord if interested:
Line ID→ jin_9647
Discord ID→ Jin#4797

Current Leadership Edit


IGN: Eruru


LINE ID: ....jin....

FAW/LAW Focus Edit


500+ FAW sends a day!


80-100+ LAW spawns a day!

Hundreds of sends each day for easy ranking and faster event drops.

Alliance RankingEdit

20180628 064418580 iOS
20180217 191044550 iOS


A collection of LO Rank 1s in 2017!

20180628 064420533 iOS

Many of our members try to rank every event, and occasionally we do mass rankings as an alliance. Above is an example of our most recent one, you can expect even more alliance sends than usual and many Top 100 rankings during these periods.

ABB Focus Edit


You can expect high points and excellent participation with us.

20180628 064355163 iOS

Sometimes we do lose, but we never let it bring us down!

We may be strong in ABB, BUT we do NOT obsess over winning. Sometimes we do take 2nd place, though not often.

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