星★Walpurgis Purge [ABB Focused] - Rank 25 - Lvl20 - [27/30]Edit

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Greetings everyone! I'm Sephiroth, the current Leader of Walpurgis Purge :3

We are an english-speaking group made mostly by "free to play" members, with a few casual spenders. We provide help to returning players, as well as general advices to players that may struggle with ranking.

As of now, I'm looking for members that can contribute actively with the Alliance Bingo Battle. We have an average attendance of 15~20+ members per round, usually placing as 1st~3rd. Rodding isn't mandatory, but I do encourage members to purchase at least 1 Alliance Battle Set (300 jewels).

To have easy contact between us, we have adopted the use of the Line app. It's highly suggested to install it so we can easily share info with everyone.

A few of our 1st places + Final Ring count

As for rules, they are pretty simple:

During normal events (excluding Tower Events), each member has to share a minimum of 5 FAW at full HP. (sharing after Elemental Hall starts is optional)
During ABB, each member has to gather a minimum of 200 emblems total.
Staying inactive for 5 days without notifying the leader may lead to your dismissal.

Also, it's suggested to use our alliance tag (星★) in front of your in-game name, to show unity~

For those interested in joining us, you can contact me @ Line. ID: eddydeathga

Thank you for reading and have a good day~ Passion_icon.png

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