Hi Everyone :) Amaterasu here, we are a causal ABB Alliance (Rank 25, level 20 Alliance hall Balance). We may be a Casual or not Top 20 (t30 currently) in Alliance Ranking but are able to provide a place for players that are active and/or have a passion for playing Alliance Bingo Battles (F2P/Rodders). For those who are in need of rings, wanting to play together with other active ABB players and fed-up from being the only member playing ABB despite having many players in the Alliance. Sending witches are 'Optional'

We dont have strict requirements so you can be at ease (play on your own time/pace).

Easy Rules/Requiremet:

- Play the game actively, no login for more than 10 days will be kicked unless you give a reason.

- Join Allaince Bingo Battles (at least 2 rounds per day), non-participating members will be kicked unless you give reason.

Average Ring count (not counting ranking reward rings) one can get per event: 1000+-1500.
We have someone to clear the AW panel, unless help is needed you dont have to worry about it.

33th abb eventEdit

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Despite being a casual ABB Alliance, we are active in other game mode as well, below are a few:

Screenshot 2018-09-21-16-48-16


- We have Law Spawns from time to time

- We have members that can kill LAW (if you cannot kill) although not always available because of reasons, so there will be 1 or 2 defeat.

- everyone rank as high as they can

Screenshot 2018-09-22-15-50-27

Goddess Worship

- Almost Every member worship to quickly get the cards


Leader: Aurora ☆ AMA:
       Contact: Line id (dinisintadewi), Instagram (sameershakeelano)

Vice Leader: SilverFox/s`Fox
       Contact: Line id (silverfox1213)

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