About DawnEdit

We're an active alliance looking for motivated and consistent english-speaking players to have fun and grow (or help others grow) with us‼

If interested in joining, you can apply by dm'ing me on discord (id: aer#9488)

We HaveEdit

  • Consistent scores in the top 20 of alliance rankings
  • 19+ participants a round average, so we always get max join bonus
  • An average of 160k+ points a round
  • Experienced players who can offer advice and help
  • A discord server for members to chat in

We RequireEdit

  • Activity - 5+ days off without prior notice will result in your dismissal
  • Alliance Bingo Battle participation - We require that you get 300+ emblems an ABB. A spreadsheet is provided for more information about each member's participation.

Some ABB ScreenshotsEdit

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