Hello! I am AngelKrystal, the alliance leader (my in-game name is LovelyDeath) and I started a new alliance called Hades' Realm. My friend complains about all those alliances that say they kick inactives but don't, and tells me to make an alliance, so I did!

We are looking for any kind of player, as long as you stay active. We have a 5 day limit for the amount of days that you can stay inactive but if you are then you need to tell me on the alliance chat so you will be excused. 

We have 3 LAWKs and FAWKs that I know of at the moment. Your ability of killing archwitches is no issue but it's preferable if you can kill at least FAWs. Please be able to participate in ABB, even if it's one round. It's okay if some ABB rounds happen at night when you're asleep. Along with that, please at least try to make a good defense unit because every little bit counts.

It's okay if you don't want to participate in events but if you see a sent archwitch, defeat it. If you want more info about my alliance you can contact me in Discord @meseeksanddestwoys#5519 We also have a Discord group on the Alliance announcement thingy! 


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