Lyrenade is a small, English-speaking alliance with a casual atmosphere. As of 11/02/2018 we have 9 members.

Activity Edit

Like most alliances, we prefer active members, but this mostly means just logging in once a week. If necessary, simply mention any extensive vacation plans or external issues that require long absences in the chat and you won't be removed from the Alliance for a lack of activity.

The biggest thing we hope to see is everyone interacting with each other. As of now, we have currently set up a Line chat to encourage more casual chatting among members.

Participating in the Alliance Bingo Battle events is not necessary at all! While we definitely encourage you to do so to contribute to our alliance, doing otherwise will by no means result in a kick. The best thing about alliances are the people themselves, and simply interacting with others is good enough for us.

Members Edit

Note: Please do not add other members to the list without their permission. Those who wish to be listed should either add themselves or ask another member to add them.

If you wish to add a new entry, right-click in the dark margins, then choose to Insert Row Before/After.

Name Timezone
Laluna✰ CST
Rasvan MT
Ziya N/A

Applying Edit

Simply look up Lyrenade in the Alliance search and choose to join. It will automatically approve any applicants.

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