Rank 25 Alliance looking for active members!Edit

We are recruiting New & Old players to join us for ABB! We have spaces available and its on a first come first serve basis. All that we ask is for your participation throughout the event to continue staying in the Top 3 on a daily basis for ABB! (Even if we're are full, if you are interested I can keep you updated on any openings~)


-Active/logs on daily (Especially leading up to ABB), 3 Day kick

-【XX】next to your name

-LINE or Discord & must be active

(LINE ← Main way of communication)

- ABB  participation 2/4 & 3/4 (If unable to fulfill the requirement inform Lead BEFORE ABB)

- Activity in other events (FAW/LAW, Tower, AAW) is encouraged but not mandatory~

【More info on ABB】Edit

We ask for 2/4 & 3/4 participation with a 70%+ participation out of the possible 368 Battles from perfect attendance and without Rod usage. In which 70% of this is ~258 Battles throughout the week. The reason for this is so that everyone can contribute and help gather those Rings because who doesn't like getting a LR!

【Other Events】:Edit

We are an ABB focused alliance so participation in other events is not mandatory. It is recommended to participate in the other events if the Ranking Rewards can improve your teams! If you need any help team building for any Event you can ask fellow members for assistance~

【Previous Rankings】:Edit

Valkyrie Crusade 2018-09-20-14-59-25

July 2018: #30

August 2018: #18

September 2018: #23


Our main for of communication as an Alliance is Line.  We are currently reviving our Discord chat for those who don't use Line~

【Contact Info】:Edit

Celesta H

Feel free to contact me directly for further info if needed or if you are interested in joining!
My Line ID is:x31v15x
Discord:x31v15x#2045   (Or you can look for me in 2/3 VC Discord Groups~)

Hope to see you in our Alliance!

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