Looking for an alliance? Then look no further than the Royal Octopedes!

Alliance SummaryEdit

We’re a growing and dedicated alliance of otakus, artists, gamers, and more who are recruiting more comrades into our fold. We welcome players of all levels, both veteran and new!

Our current members are mainly from American and Europe in terms of member locations, but we have no issues branching out players across the globe! :)

A little fact: Plural for Octopus is more complicated than making sandwiches. Octopi from Latin, Octopuses from English, and Octopedes from Greek. :0

Our ABB performance!Edit

A few things about the alliance:Edit

  • We have a discord! You're open to chat about anything, but if you'd prefer to not, just mute us and that's 👌🏼.
  • ABB participation isn't necessary, though many of our members do.
  • Player will be kicked from the alliance after 14 days of inactivity without notice.
Valkyrie Crusade 2019-08

Contact UsEdit

If you’re considering joining us, feel free to contact us through this method:

Discord IDs:

  • AtsuShi#1962


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