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As for 19th February 2020, Second Wind is currently looking for members. Please read the information below if you want to find out about our alliance! 

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We are an ABB focused alliance. We're constantly growing, searching for consistent players who will stay in the alliance and won't burn out after just a couple of events. Everyone here can find their place as we communicate a lot, which is not a requirement if you're one of those quiet little fellas and just prefer to stay away from the crowd. Nonetheless, all the people here are very tolerant and easygoing, interested in stuff like mobile/PC games, anime-ish stuff, music or memes, if it appeals to anyone (lol).


  •  Be active daily - not just logging in and out for the daily login bonuses. I have a sharp eye and notice right away if someone is lazying around or not. Also, our staff is monitoring. 5 days inactive without notice is equal to getting expelled.
  1. If you're going to be away for 2days +, please inform me or staff about it to avoid unnecessary actions.
  2. If you're going to take a break (2 events or more, timewise), you need to inform me of it. It's pointless of taking up a spot as every active member values, if you're taking a break but are willing to come back in the future, you can always leave for the time being and come back later, as there's always gonna be a spot or two free.
  • Most important - ABB participation. We ask for 3/4 every day. Staying up for the whole round, if possible, or at least doing 13 battles per round (it's okay if it's a loss or a win since we now can get points even for the lost battles), as our match-ups tend to be rough at times and sometimes there's a need to kill the AW (middle panel) or any single panel on the sheet, as someone else might be having fever. A spreadsheet is being created and updated through the duration of the event, so everyone can have the insight to if asked for it, with every alliance member as well as every single round.
  • Other events participation - we are having 3+ kinds of events aside ABB. It's up to you how you will manage your activity in those events, however, it is very encouraging to play and try to not avoid doing events as the rewards for each one give nice stuff that will definitely help you improve in the game. 

Other informationEdit

Despite the very few rules which shouldn't be a big deal to those who are willing to grow stronger or play Valkyrie Crusade a bit more serious, we are very open about accepting those who just started playing or are returned, as long as their offense ABB team is passable. By passable I mean teams that don't fail most of the matches. It's okay if you lose some battles as the new update in ABB now lets us gain points even if we lose our own battles, but the idea is still to win the most if possible, so take that into account as well, please. 

Players who join don't have to hesitate with sending FAWs, AWs, LAWs, and the newly added LOAWs (Lord Archwitch, appearing during soul weapon events). Everything gets killed instantly as there's always someone online to kill anything - be it any of the aforementioned. 

As we care for our members, we provide some kind of help. Don't be shy about speaking up, we always try to get along with everyone in the alliance, willing to spend our private time to have a proper conversation, both game-related and not only. 

So, if you are a newbie or a returnee, you can ask everything, especially if it's game-related, as we are here to help our members to improve and become strong, it doesn't matter the level or previous experience. 

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