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Serenity Now is an Alliance in VC that's been around since June 13, 2015 with core members still dedicated to the game. We have several members who have played for years and are still active, filled with experiences to share. Our alliance enjoys and welcomes conversation about strategies as well as provide suggested improvements to those who are new as well as those who are dedicated to better their ranks. We are a casual friendly group and no longer require active participation in events, as long as you are still actively playing the game as you see fit and are friendly & social.

We are currently restructuring and always looking for active players to join our family. We are also interested in merging with any smaller alliances that have dwindled in numbers, or friends who don't want to get separated - our alliance should be able to accomodate. If you are a team player and passionate about the game, and you find yourself in an Alliance that's just not all "there" for you (we make sure everyone doesn't get ignored!), come give us a try and I hope we can make your experience more enjoyable.

Currently we are making modifications to this page, so we will fill in any blanks and formatting as we go along!

Alliance at a GlanceEdit

  • Current Alliance Rank 25
  • Level 20 Alliance Hall with "Ether" heavy resource investment
  • We have a LINE chat group
  • We share efficient strategy mostly cater to F2P players
  • Our veterans with 2+ year experience and regularly ranked under top 100-500 for non ABB events.
  • All "team" players from low levels to veterans looking for a casual environment are welcomed.
  • ABB - not as competitive nowadays, but in our alliance you should be able to score a LR MM Shard (1k rings) by active participation with a decent GUR deck.

For request to join, search for us "Serenity Now", leave a reply or contact me via LINE. My LINE ID is in my Wiki profile ^^ 

Happy Gaming!

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