Shattered MoonEdit

Who we areEdit

Shattered Moon is an alliance active since the Beelzebub event. At that time, Shattered Moon has been created as a sister alliance to Shattered Sun. As we had so many members to fit. We have already unlocked every alliance role.

What are we looking forEdit

ANYONE is welcomed. Wether you need help killing Archwitches, or you want to kill more Lord Archwitches, I highly reccomend to join us. We are trying to balance feeders and killers, possibly with similar timezones so we can play together and join forces in killing Lord Archwitches or in partecipating in Alliance Battles.

We are also looking forward to absorb disbanded alliances so we can both gain profit to our collaboration.

TL;DR: you should apply to us if you are at least one of these:

  • An Archwitch feeder
  • An Archwitch killer
  • Looking for an healthy and friendly environment
  • Looking for an Alliance to join with your friends
  • Looking for an Alliance who donates Friendship Points / Ns / Rs and resources
  • Or you just enjoy cards' art and looking forward to collect as many as possible :D

Due to Alliance Battles having dreadful times, we rarely try to rank at it. But, all of us do our best to collect as many rings as possible. We definitely don't ignore Alliance Battles.

How to applyEdit

Shattered Moon Leader: Hiru

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