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Archwitch hunts are the original game-play mechanic of Valkyrie Crusade. They use an event map similar to the general Campaign areas consuming Vitality. The main enemy during the Archwitch Hunt is the Archwitch. An Archwitch may be challenged by using a Battle Point.

At this time Archwitch Hunts appear to have been discontinued with The Valentine's Day Caper being the last event. Mynet posted an in-game news item on 4/15/2018 stating that AW events would be "refreshed", so the new event structure may not match these older AW hunts. There is no date yet indicating when the new AWH hunts will begin.

Event Structure

Archwitch hunts each have a unique map and story with cards that are generally limited to that event (unavailable from summons or rewards outside of the event). Like Campaigns, the player advances through different stages on a map. Along the way the player will randomly encounter enemies including Archwitches or Limited Enemies. The player may also find a Witch Gate along the way which will often offer limited cards from previous Category:Archwitch Hunt events. Map areas generally consist of 5 areas each with 3 sub areas. Some maps will also include "Extra" areas.

After completing the all the standard areas (Area 1-1 through 5-3), the player will have a chance of encountering Bonus Areas. Bonus areas can be found by re-completing a previous area.

Any Archwitches found during map battles, either in standard areas or Bonus Areas, can be assisted by your Comrades or fellow Alliance members. You may challenge an Archwitch as many times as you like until the time runs out, each challenge costing an additional Battle Points.

Elemental Hall is available for most Archwitch Hunt events. It usually opens about half way through the event, usually providing 7-8 days of access to the Hall. Elemental hall generally offers higher point rewards than standard Archwitch battles, but you must defeat them on your own!

Limited Enemies are mostly not found in their original form anymore, but "Rare Enemy" encounters that can be found in the Witch Gate, Bonus Areas, or the Elemental Hall offer similar rewards.

For more information on the different battles available during the Archwitch Hunt, see the detail pages:

For basic deck setups, see Deck Guides.

Event Booster Cards

Every event has special cards with a second skill that can deal extra damage to that event's Archwitch(es).
They are:

  • An R card that can deal 2x Damage to the Archwitch
    (The 2x Damage cards are exclusive to events with Limited-time Maps. These are not released anymore.)
  • An R card that can deal 5x Damage to the Archwitch(These are not released anymore.)
  • An SR card that can deal 5x Damage to the Archwitch
  • An SR card that can deal 10x Damage to the Archwitch
  • A UR card that can deal 10x Damage to the Archwitch

If evolved into their last stage, the damage multiplier will also increase, becoming 3x Damage, 7x Damage and 15x Damage respectively.

These cards can only be obtained through Premium, Ultimate Summons, or a limited summon like Step-Up Summons or Box Summons during their event, but can be dropped by Archwitches after that event is over (Except for the UR cards).

Note: The damage bonus for these cards will disappear after their event ends.

These cards also usually offer a Subjugation Point bonus. See each card for details on how much the point bonus is.


Item and Card rewards

For full information on item and card drops, see the respective pages for each part of the event:

Point Rewards

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Participating in Archwitch battles reward you with "Subdue Points" which are added up and tallied with other players' points worldwide. Points received are proportional to the amount of damage you deal (including overkill). You also earn additional points if you deal the finishing blow. Points earned follow the following formulas:

Note: All decimals are truncated. So if your points calculate to 1234.65, the value awarded will be 1234, not 1235.

Also, all Past Witch Gate FAW are calculated using a base of 10800 regardless of the time period they were originally released.

Example Points Earned
F/AW Level F/AW HP Damage Multiplier Cards Points Finishing Points Total Points
127 426100 431636 none 3067 153 3220
200 940500 431636 none 3501 175 3676
200 940500 391 none 2400 120 2520
200 940500 1940174 none 7351 367 7718
200 940500 111 0.5 × 5 8400 420 8820
200 940500 1940454 0.5 × 5 25731 1286 27017
300 3500000 277 none 12600 630 13230
300 3500000 6599723 none 36359 1817 38176
300 3500000 79 0.5 × 5 44100 2205 46305
300 3500000 6599921 0.5 × 5 127259 6362 133621
400 4000000 238 none 16800 840 17640
400 4000000 7099762 none 46619 2330 48949
400 4000000 68 0.5 × 5 58800 2940 61740
400 4000000 7099932 0.5 × 5 163169 8158 171327
999 99999999 1 none 59940 2997 62937
999 99999999 113249994 none 127822 6391 134213
999 99999999 1 0.5 × 5 209790 10489 220279
999 99999999 113249994 0.5 × 5 447377 22368 469745
999 99999999 224999994 (Halloween Hades

+ Passion Area Bonus (for H.Hades mentioned above) + A 400% ATK UP / ?% DEF UP + LAW to be cool element (?) + your typical GUR'ed unleashers + (maybe) UR-rarity ATK Down card + godlike-player luck)

none 194804 9740 204544
999 99999999 224999994 (Halloween Hades

+ Passion Area Bonus (for H.Hades mentioned above) + A 400% ATK UP / ?% DEF UP + LAW to be cool element (?) + your typical GUR'ed unleashers + (maybe) UR-rarity ATK Down card + godlike-player luck)

0.5 × 5 681817 34090 715907

Leaderboard Rankings

For every period of archwitch hunting, players are ranked based on their total amount of subdue points. Rewards are given out to players ranked at the top. Players worldwide compete with each other in the rankings, but those who play the game in Chinese have their own separate leaderboard.

If you wish to compete in the rankings, the following will help you:

  • High Damage Cards. You must be able to defeat Archwitches on your own in a single fight without any help. Suitable teams include cards with critical damage, salvo or multi-hit, and damage buffs. Since you earn points based on damage dealt, you must also be able to maximize your overkill damage.
  • Active Comrades/Alliance Members. Not all of the Archwitches should be hunted on your own. Having active players to request your reinforcement essentially means free points for you. See the Alliance Recruitment and Comrade Request pages for help finding active alliances and players.
  • Valkyrie Swords. You will need a lot of swords to recover Battle Points. It's advised to stock them before trying to rank.
  • Valkyrie Shoes. You don't need as many shoes as you do swords, but having a few will be handy.
  • Magic School. This building increases your Archwitch encounter rates and battle points, making you more efficient on swords, shoes and time.
  • Yggdrasil. This building increases your battle points, making you more efficient on swords.
  • Great Temple. This building increases your vitality, making you more efficient on shoes.
  • Time. You will need several hours of your time every day to play. Do not forget to fully restore your vitality from 22:00-23:00 every night using your castle.
    Note: You won't be able to restore vitality if the castle is upgrading.

Archwitch Timeline

See the Archwitch Timeline page for the listing of past and current archwitches.