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Kushieda minori Kushieda minori 31 March 2021

End of Game announcement

As noted in the leaked news which is also now active in the game, Valkyrie Crusade is schedule to end service on May 30, 2021 12pm JST. All "Jewel Purchases" have been suspended as of March 31, 2021 12pm JST.

This marks a long run of 8 years for the game. After May 31st, I plan on setting this wiki into a "registered user edits only" mode to help prevent post-game vandalism since the Admins may not be on regularly after that. If needed, I will have the bot go through and flag all pages for protected edits, but I hope not to have to do that. I will likely also turn off all "social" aspects of the wiki like article comments, blogs posts, etc.

Thanks to all my comrades over the years in the game, and the many people who have contributed to thi…

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Akari017 Akari017 10 May 2020


Here is my warning for player named Cessna,you challenged me two times,try to challenge me again and I promise I will pay to hackers to hack your account.Oh i remember you I was with same alliance,I hope you will understand this and stop challenged me or I will really pay money to some hackers and they will hack your account.Bye

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Adriaantje1 Adriaantje1 16 April 2020

LR Dream Ticket Summon cards

Cards available in the 2020-12-07 ~ 2021-01-04
LR Dream Ticket Summon

  • 1 Passion
  • 2 Cool
  • 3 Light
  • 4 Dark

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UTanke UTanke 24 March 2020

Im Selling My Account

Hello, for reasons of lack of time I must leave the game, for this reason I created this post to sell my account. I hope I don't bother putting this here. This account can be used for Combat in Demon Realm and The Tower in Ultimate, it does not usually fail in bingo. It has 6 Soul Weapons, 5 of them with a very good level. I ask for the account 250USD.

For more info about this acount look at my profile

If you are interested, send me a message at

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you continue to enjoy this great game called Valkyrie Crusade.

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Akari17 Akari17 10 March 2020

Sunbelle●DL Stop Challenged me

Please help me,id you know her tell her something to stop challenged me in duel,together with Scythe she keep challenged me in duel they starting boring me every day

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Akari17 Akari17 7 March 2020

I have a little request

Hi to all players,I have a little request for all players if anyone knows player Scythe that player is level 300,tell him/her to stop challenged me in duel,that's become really boring for me and I don't want anymore see his name on my duel history list.Also if that player reading this post my player name is Noire so stop challenged me in duel.And for admin please don't delete this post because I can't take this anymore and I only want this that player to stop challenged me in duel,norhing more.Thank You

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LoveAndShiningNikkiPlayer LoveAndShiningNikkiPlayer 31 January 2020

I'm quitting VC and I wanna give away my account FOR FREE! Please comment if you're interested!

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Jackie8461 Jackie8461 3 January 2020

Fanmade taiko notechart for The battle of demon Realm

Fresh year , fresh taiko notechart

Hi there, this time I using the battle of demon realm's BGM as making notechart.

My making skill is quite poor, especially at the last part of vocal , I can't catch it's tempo . So I have only arrange a simple note.

Nevertheless,I did it completely xD. If you still enjoys this video , you can "like" or subscribe me xD

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Jackie8461 Jackie8461 1 December 2019

Fanmade of taiko note chart for Valkyrie crusade BGM

Recently I have some kick for making taiko notechart for Valkyrie crusade BGM . I was made a taiko notechart for tower rune boss bgm , you can check it out by click below link ^^ . Actually I am newbie for making notechart xD

If u like my video ,u can like or subscribe.

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Yukari15 Yukari15 30 July 2019

Do not play Valkyrie Crusade

There is warning for all game players do not play Valkyrie Crusade.This game is the worst game ever if you not a best player your cards will never activate skill event if skill is level 10 (only best player who spend much money can have everything I did not talk about the summon I talk about battle i saw one player on youtube who easy fight on ultimate with only one GLR and GUR in every team,I use the same rarity on extreme and I can't fight easy.Then how some players can fight easy and some players can't even if they use the same rarity? Ok let me to explain...all is clear,mynet it helps them abour skill activation and they can fight easy even with HSR like one player whom I saw on yotube he use HSR on andvanced and fight easy also have p…

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Kushieda minori Kushieda minori 10 July 2019


I'm officially retiring from playing VC. I've removed my admin rights here, but will maintain bureaucrat role for now. I'll still respond if people write on my Wall, but otherwise will not be maintaining the wiki anymore from a content standpoint.

If someone feels the need to be an Administrator, they should write to User:Choocolatiah or myself to get promoted. Generally everything on the wiki is editable by non-admins except for a few things like undeletes, some media management like image renames/deletions, user permissions, and javascript/css modifications. If you feel that you want to edit/maintain any of those items, feel free to speak up at any time.

It was great being part of this community for so long, and wonderful meeting so many o…

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Keyfer Keyfer 3 July 2019

My Valkyrie Crusade app can't go online like i had no internet connection


i have a problem with the app of Valkyrie Crusade, and not only that, a lot of apps in my phone doesn't connect to internet even when i am connected to a wifi, chrome work well, youtube too, and it seems that all come back to normal IF i reinstall the apps, but i don't know how to keep my Valkyrie Crusade account by doing that.

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Kushieda minori Kushieda minori 6 June 2019

Archwith Hunt Renewall poll

Let me know your thoughts:

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Kushieda minori Kushieda minori 8 May 2019

Upcoming LR twice-a-day summon

This summon can be performed only twice per day!

This is your chance to summon a popular LR card! The LR appearance rate is 2%! The first summon is only for 300, and the second summon is for 600!

※Only one card will appear with each summon.


00:00 on May 9th ー 23:59 on May 31st (JST)

※This summon will disappear after performing two summons in a day.

※This summon will reset at 00:00 (JST) each day.

■LR Cards Lineup

  • LR [EVERI]
  • LR [AYM]
  • LR [HAUNT]

Be sure not to miss this chance!!

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Kushieda minori Kushieda minori 9 January 2019

Game Update notes 2019-01-09

As most of you have seen in the In Game News, there are some new features coming. First is the new event type "Demon Realm Voyage". It appears to be like a mix of Tower, EH, and AW events based on what data I can see in the game files and APK extract. Each event looks like it'll be a story line split into "Chapters" (the first one will be called "New Beginnings" and appears to have 6 chapters)

  • it has rank rewards and "arrival rewards" Similar to towers... So I'll assume it's the same structures
  • Also has a table for "dungeon area type" but again, it's empty so far
  • The string files for dungeons looks interesting
    • They also have different difficulty like EH - Beginner through Extreme
    • The first event is called New Beginnings
    • The areas that need to be…
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Kur0m0 Kur0m0 23 September 2018

Krymson Flames Alliance

The Krymson Flames Alliance, formerly known as Crimson Flames.

Was created on July 19, 2015. It's Leader at the time was 0megawar {retired}.

It's main Emblem is a Red Dragon seated with red flames and a black background.

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RNG War RNG War 16 September 2018

Good Guild Leaders Characteristics

So most of us have guild leaders or are guild leaders. Some of you are lone wolves for your own reasons. In any of your guys' opinions, what makes a good Guild Leader? Leave some characteristic traits or general kindness or skills in the comments. Thanks.

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PaiPaiii PaiPaiii 5 August 2018

If the maidens had voice actors...

I hope no one minds this~ I'm just very curious on what you guys think, just for a lil fun I guess.

English or Japanese, what voice actors do you imagine specific characters having if it were to happen?
I'll admit, I don't really have a... straight up answer for my own question. XD Not yet, anyways. That, or I might be a little too insecure to share at the moment ;w; I'll probably share when I feel ready to.

Seriously, though, who wouldn't want voice actors for their favorite VC characters? xD

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Elit3Blaze Elit3Blaze 9 July 2018

Regarding the information at the wikia (Final)

Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3

And finally, the 'obvious' question...

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Elit3Blaze Elit3Blaze 30 June 2018

Regarding the information at the wikia (Part 2)

Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3


A part 2 of 3 planned polls.

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Friend6095 Friend6095 30 June 2018

My Observations On Toto

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Who/What exactly is Toto based on?
  • 3 UR Form Analysis 
  • 4 Awoken Form Analysis 

So, even though it's been a long time since I got Toto, I decided to still analyze her anyways since she has one of the coolest designs in Valkyrie Crusade and a lot of symbols and colors in her art. I was going to just write a regular comment about Toto but since I have A LOT to say about Toto (which would be way too long for a regular comment), I decided to just make a blog about Toto instead. 

So first, I want to look at who exactly Toto might be based on, and I don't think that Toto is a 100% original idea as there are so many possibilities as to who Toto might be based on.

  • It is possible that Toto (the VC character) could be Mynet's take on the famous ficti…

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Friend6095 Friend6095 18 June 2018

"Spacetime Islands" Map Analysis

  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Castle Lux/Lux
  • 3 Darkzone
  • 4 Silverwood
  • 5 Lavafield
  • 6 Passion Paradise
  • 7 Noobfield
  • 8 The Outside Of Time

Hello everybody. So I'll get straight to the point. I think it's interesting how each character for the event "Beyond the Spacetime Gate" lives in their own section of the Spacetime Islands. So me being the creative person I am, I decided to closely observe each character in this event and the area they live in. I did a little research on fantasy settings and found a picture for each of the sections of the Spacetime Islands that I think would fit nicely for it. So, without further ado, enjoy my analysis :)

So, first, let's start with the dreamy Castle Lux. If you look at Speranza, you'll notice that she doesn't look like a typical lord, right? …

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Elit3Blaze Elit3Blaze 15 June 2018

Regarding the information at the wikia (Part 1)

Poll 1 Poll 2 Poll 3

After being such a lazy admin for a very long time, I might as well start things off with this poll (finally).

I am not as experienced as the other two admins Kushieda_minori and Choocolatiah in terms of coding, but I do have more experience in the field of graphic design, visual communication, etc. Over time, as I just place data and data as every new event comes along, all pages that I am adding to, gets notoriously clogged and just becomes a huge wall of text and stuff to scroll through.

I do understand that this Fandom Wikia for Valkyrie Crusade is pretty much like a 'database' for the game, without having to actually open your game every single time, but there are numerous areas at the wikia which I think could signif…

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Friend6095 Friend6095 14 June 2018

Valkyrie Crusade Encyclopedia

This is just a really cool, random idea that came to me but I think it would be freaking awesome if Valkyrie Crusade and Monster Girl Encyclopedia had a little mini-collaboration project or something and I'm surprised that they haven't already since they're both very similar in content. Both products have all female characters with men being the minor side characters. They both take place in a fantasy setting but they both have different themes. 

Valkyrie Crusade has a war theme. MGE has a sexual theme. By the way, if you haven't heard of MGE, basically it's a franchise of books and information on monsters from all over the world, except all the monsters are depicted as female and all the monsters have a little bit of succubus nature, which…

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Friend6095 Friend6095 24 May 2018

If Valkyrie Crusade Was An Anime

Okay so the last VC blog I made was called "If Valkyrie Crusade Was A Movie" and most of you guys seemed to think that VC would not make for a good live-action movie. And I can see where you guys are coming from.

But I think VC would make for an awesome anime. Plus, if Valkyrie Crusade was to become an anime, that means we would get to see more interactions between the maidens and learn more about the Celestial Realm (Heaven) and the Infernal Realm (Hell).

VC has so many awesome characters, gorgeous settings, and fascinating lore that I think it would just be a total waste of creative talent and energy if they didn't expand upon the two main worlds of this game in an anime.

Plus, I think a VC anime would boost the popularity and appeal of the g…

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PrimeXam PrimeXam 8 May 2018

not so vc journal

christ it's been a year and so much changed

Guess I'll just sum up my experience in the past year. I had no luck with LRs until very recently where I pulled Simon Says and Holly. Considering their rarity besides Tower ranking events, that's fair game (and not very fair RNG). As for Tower events, I had a very bad experience in the first one and I haven't touched any until the current one since I wanted to give it another chance. From what I read, I heard the game's rank-heavy now, and I agree with that part especially in Tower events. Thankfully though, the classic event style in the second half of each month didn't really change much, so that's pretty much almost the only thing keeping me playing the game. 

Overall, I don't think the game's …

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Kur0m0 Kur0m0 5 May 2018

Selected LR Summon 5.5.18

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MTanke MTanke 17 April 2018

What a F*ck?

This is a official page with information of the game... i have so many questions about the information here

someone can tell me if i am grong, but the image dont is the same of the name of the cards right?

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EXDarkLight The Ephemeral EXDarkLight The Ephemeral 4 April 2018

Tower Event Rankings

So tower events, ranking is incredibly troublesome and requires some careful management of time. Anyway, from my experience, ranking between 1000-2000 usually requires that you run advanced and hit rune time once per day, using up one valkyrie crystal during rune time to maximise number of passes gained, on top of making sure you have full tower BP at the start of rune time for a total of 10 BP to use.

So to rank 0-1000, I'm guessing that you would need to run extreme following the same method of maximising number of BP in rune time? Lol, I tried extreme once during a previous tower event and every team just got destroyed within 5 turns in the same first battle (May be slightly incorrect, been too long)... Oh god, it's so ridiculously crazy…

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Bilibala1234 Bilibala1234 29 March 2018

Oracle in Love (NSFW)

Sort of a parody but a little late for Valentines lol. Started it back in Feb but  didn't get to round it up till recently. Did get the card from event but unstalled the game again cause I need to free up some space on phone. Anyhow, it's a pretty card, hope they keep making Oracle variants.

Extras (also NSFW)

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Friend6095 Friend6095 21 March 2018

If Valkyrie Crusade Was A Movie

I recently made a discussion about this but I decided to make a blog about it instead because I think it fits more and it will allow for more people to share their opinions on this topic without having to scroll down too much. So, if any admin is reading this, PLEASE delete my recent discussion "If Valkyrie Crusade Was A Movie" but do not delete this blog!

I just copied and pasted what I said on that discussion to this blog.

Like the title says, this discussion is for you guys to post your ideas on what you’d like to see in a theatrical live-action VC Movie, IF Mynet was to ever make this game into a movie. I highly doubt it but still.

I know that most of you guys or at least some of you have wondered what VC would be like as a movie or even …

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FugurumaRin2.0 FugurumaRin2.0 20 February 2018

Self Reflection

This is a weird blog post, but I'm in a reflection/isolation mood, so I'm just gonna run with it and see what happens.

I got into VC around late October 2014 - Pirate Gun's debut event. So, back when Nubee owned it. Don't remember the exact date, but I have a picture of a tiny kingdom on my old phone dated the end of October, so it was around there.

I played on and off for about a year, getting Momo, Mia, Wandering Sanzo, Two URs. My cards were kinda crap, I didn't build my kingdom very well, but I was having fun. I didn't realize that you needed to expand your kingdom as you went. Unfortunately, I needed to stop because the game was taking over my life and impacting my grades heavily. I ended up dropping the game over the summer (to focus o…

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Choocolatiah Choocolatiah 14 February 2018

Minimising Gem Expenditures

This post is all about upgrading/maxing LR cards at the least cost possible while still getting the most out of your LRs. Think about cost-benefit analysis.

  • 1 Exact (or near exact) amount of ATK and DEF arcanas
  • 2 Level 1 Tower LR amalgamation items

This helps determine the amount of arcanas needed to be added in order for a GLR to reach max stats at certain level.

If you have ample amount of all types of the ATK/DEF arcanas, do the following steps:

  1. First, look at the +3k arcana column and use less than one of the amount showed there. Update the current stats column.
  2. Then look at the +500 column and similar to the step above, use less than one of the amount showed there. Update current stats column again.
  3. Use all the amount of arcana showed in the +50…

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VeiRetning VeiRetning 10 January 2018

What cards should I use my LR/UR/SR Mirror Maiden on for competitiveness?

It’s a commonly asked question on what cards to use one’s Mirror Maiden on.

Here I will try to list the ideal main skill choice (with card examples) to use a Mirror Maiden on base on the various game events, Archwitch Hunts, Tower and Alliance Bingo Battle (Attack/Defense) for competitiveness.

Under each type of event, there will be 3 levels of classification as follows.

A. Best Choices

These are the cards you should Mirror until you have enough to match the meta team(s).

B. Other Possible Choices

These are less ideal as a candidate for Mirror Maiden but still important in building up your team towards the meta and can be considered if you already have enough of the cards listed in A. Best Choices or if you have spare Mirror Maidens.

C. Alternative…

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Choocolatiah Choocolatiah 19 December 2017

Special Cards for the AAW9!

Since the "in-game news" about special cards for the upcoming 9th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt is not yet updated, here are they and their corresponding boosts!

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Inhandra Inhandra 29 November 2017

Second State of the Kingdom

Now that I'm close to my anniversary date, I wanted to take a look back at what I've accomplished during my two years.

Level: 169 (up from 146 last anniversary)
LRs: 4 (up from 0)
GURs: 15 (up from 9)
GSRs: 5 (up from 3)
HURs: 49 (up from 13)
Single URs: 26 (up from 13) (excludes Mirror Maidens)
Awakening backlog: 74 cards (up from 20 cards)
Magic School: Level 10 (up from 6)
Castle: Level 13 (up from 11)
Ward: Level 5
Kingdom expansions: All done
Second kingdom cleared: Finished
Arena: Level 2
Parliament buildings: 3 at Level 10
Great Temple: 3 at Level 10
Goddess Statue: 2 at Level 10
Ice Tower: 3 at Level 10
Shrine of Light: 3 at Level 10
Fire Ruins: 3 at Level 10
Pagan Hall: 3 at Level 10
Fountain: 2 at Level 10
Barracks: 6 at Level 10 (was 3 at level 10)

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Bilibala1234 Bilibala1234 26 November 2017

Angel x Lilim (NSFW Fan art)

I remember seeing some parodies from Akkeyjin's blog and one of them has Lilim and Angel in it. I guess these two does make a nice pair. There are also other Akkeyjin's parodies that kinda hint for yuri pairing like Snow White and Alice, maybe I'll do one for them in the future.

It's kind of ambigous but I think Lilim's one of those maidens who doesn't wear panties, like Orihime, Andromeda, old version Lucifier etc. Could have make it a catagory for some group bonus lol.

Using the R card version of angel here, quite pretty for an R card I think. Already stopped playing by the time other Angel variant is out.

Originally drawn as a R18 version but added some  panties for Angel in the public version.

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Setsugeha Setsugeha 22 November 2017

G/LR mainstream cards

Well G/LR are from now the GUR of yesterday as the GUR are what the GSR is, for players who own some LRs or above that is...

Free LR obtainable from RR/ABB/LR chance tix/Tower/RR amalg, everyone as a chance of getting at least 1 copy of the LR, though GUR are still better for ranking during EH against 1 LR thanks to awoken burst and less powerful so we can stall for proc, but thankfully, as everyone know, Mynet introduced LR mirror shard during the previous event and it's exchangeable through ABB ring for 1000 rings from now on, without forgetting that LR Mirror Maiden is also obtainable for the price of 2100 rings or from RR. 1000-1200 rings is affordable even for F2P as long as they're active enough and make use of double pts/free jewels/…

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Portahack Portahack 17 November 2017

The first time RNG bless me

I'm really happy because this is the firt time the RNG bless me, not only in this game but all the games I Play.

Like lots of people I dind't get nothing from the LR ticket from the 9M users campaign, I had already known that I won't get anything.

Earlier today I recived the rank reward, 2 LR chance ticket (and something else that I don't remember), I decided to use them and a Premium ticket at that moment insted of saving some more.

Firts I got a R from the premium ticket, well, it's normal I thought. Next I spent the first LR ticket and got a R again, at that moment I was thinking "well, it's a normal day getting nothing", used the second ticket expecting another R. Then I saw this and my morning became better.

I started playing 2 months ago…

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Bilibala1234 Bilibala1234 7 November 2017

Oracle Ascendant (Fan art)

I used to play VC back in 2014 and Oracel Ascendant is one of the earliest variant of Oracle that I like best.

Been drawing fan art of some other games, and felt like doing one for Oracle. Maybe do a few more on the iconic ones that I like, got draft for Lilim and Angel.

Some quick mod for a Summer Oracle version.  

some extras

other NSFW stuff in my Facebook Blog Album   or Imgur Gallery . 

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Choocolatiah Choocolatiah 3 November 2017

9M Users Commemoration Campaign

The "9M Users Commemoration Campaign" will be held starting 0:00 on November 6th (JST) to thank everyone and commemorate the breaking of the record of 9M Users!

You can obtain a total of 5670 during this campaign!!

■Special Login Bonuses!

Campaign Period: 0:00 on November 6th ~ 23:59 on November 15th (JST)

For the duration of the campaign period, a special login bonus will be distributed for each day you log in!

Extravagant Login Bonuses

  • November 6 → ×900
  • November 7 → Ticket x4
  • November 8 → MIRROR MAIDEN (SR) x1
  • November 9 → SLIME QUEEN+ (UR) x3
  • November 10 → ×900
  • November 11 → Ticket x4
  • November 12 → MEDAL GIRL (SR) x3
  • November 13 → ×900
  • November 14 → Ticket x4
  • November 15 → MIRROR MAIDEN (LR) SHARD x1

Don't forget to log in each day!

The 9M DL Commemo…

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Lunamoon07 Lunamoon07 23 October 2017


Hi everyone. I think I am facing some issue in the game, but not sure is just purely no luck. 2 days ago, I used a lot of vitality and BP on the event map, I did not encounter even one LAW, whether is after defeated AW or in the bonus area. I gave up when it just left few minutes to the next day. So when the time reset, it looks fine and I encounter a few LAW. 

Then today, I am getting 0 LAW again, and don't mentioned that even bonus area also not appearing. Is this phenomenon is normal,  or I am just getting out of luck? 

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Fuguruma Rin Fuguruma Rin 2 October 2017

Returned after a much needed break

I can't remember the last time I've been able to actually sit down and invest myself into VC again. College started last month, and ever since then my life has been crazy. Fortunately, I seemed to have found the state of mind I need in order to play VC seriously. Unfortunately, that may not last long.

I've been logging on rather regularly, but all I really do is donate to the beautiful card that is Licorice. I've haven't been actively participating in events, nor have I really frequented the wiki all that much lately. But now that I've logged on and played for a decent amount of time I can see just how much I missed. Honestly, I thought skipping the year of 2015-2016 was the worst thing I could do. 

But the break helped me realize just how m…

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VeiRetning VeiRetning 3 September 2017

Calculating Arcanas Needed to Max GLR Stats

Hi all,

Choocolatiah did a Fantastic blog article on Maxing GLR Stats and I thought it will be good if there's some examples to follow. Note that this is less optimized and not an exact example base on her steps in that article. If you have no problem understanding Choocolatiah's Maxing GLR Stats blog you can skip this totally.

For the below Example, I'll use a Level 9 GLR with an Attack of 60000 to calculate the amount of Arcanas needed for Max Attack when the GLR reaches Level 110. Each step is listed and then followed by the result/calculation of the GLR used for this example.

P.S. Defense works the same way as Attack so you can just replace all instances of Attack below with Defense.

Steps to calculate amount of Arcanas Needed to Max GLR Stats…

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Choocolatiah Choocolatiah 21 August 2017

Maxing GLR stats

For those who still check this blog post when maxing their GLRs, I've made a on how to know the amount of stats and number of arcanas still needed:

Related blog post → User blog:Choocolatiah/Minimising Gem Expenditures
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Dst0902ning Dst0902ning 15 August 2017

Complaining about the current event

Hello... GC★Nao here.  So um... Are there any t500 and below rankers who don't have an extra war maiden weapon (or any other amal item or SR Murakamo) and any t3000 rankers who can't reach F 90k planning to fire complains?  

Firing multiple complaints can probably make mynet to compensate us and improve the tower event, so I hope that you will fire a complaint as well if you fit the criteria that I have stated so everyone will gain benefits.

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KayKayVC KayKayVC 1 August 2017

Extreme Difficulty Setup - Tower of Heaven Event


I hope this will give anyone some helpful advice or ideas on how to set up their deck for the new Tower Event in v4.0.0. I assume anyone reading this blog titled starting with "Extreme" would already know the basic mechanics of the tower already, have pretty good cards (GUR/LR), and are experienced in Valkyrie Crusade. So this blog will just focus on the set up I used successfully through Extreme difficulty with high chance of success for those who are almost there but still struggling. 

In truth, the four battles are just a variation of what you would normally set up for Advance+ in Elemental Hall. Turn Skip + Damage skill cards and element specific cards are invaluable here as well. Make an effort to farm cards in various events if y…

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VeiRetning VeiRetning 1 August 2017

Tower Event Brief Runthrough

Tower Event Brief Runthrough

The following is a Brief Runthrough for the Tower Event for people who are still new or just have tried a bit of the Tower Event. Players who already played a lot or rush through the event probably won't find much new info here.

- This whole event is about getting to as high Floor(Which determines your ranking like Subjugation Points) as you can by defeating the enemy.

- Each time you defeat the Final Boss of a floor, you get Floor Passes which basically increase the Floor you are at by that amount. There are also other rewards like Cards, Awakening Materials, Arcanas and BP Restore.

- There are 4 difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Extreme. They require you to have 1,2,3,4 Teams respectively and …

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Micelle1990 Micelle1990 18 July 2017

Dragon Valor alliance's ABB-Statistics.

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VeiRetning VeiRetning 27 June 2017

How good is my Guaranteed UR Ticket Draw?

(Updated 4th September 2017)

Using Guaranteed UR Tickets is always an exciting moment in the game, we always wonder what will we get from the ticket. It gets more exciting when there is an Abyssal Archwitch Hunt around the corner, where we get a shot at getting a bunch of them! :)

Below is a classification of how good a draw is based on the current meta of the game(As of Aug 2017) and the card quality in GUR form.

Disclaimer - How good a draw is might be different for you base on your current collection/needs, requirements and taste ;)

Best of the Best Draws(Buy the lottery today!)
- Ixtab (9-12x MultiHitter)
- Party Crasher (2 Proc at 20% All Element Team Unleasher)

Best Draws(Part of the Meta)
- Any 10x MultiHitters(E.g. Poison Tea, Formula)
- 650%+…

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