The Bonus Area is an area that has a chance to appear by clearing any area after completing all normal areas of an event map. It appears as an area highlighted with a red glow and can appear on any area of the map, except for special or extra areas.

Only one Bonus Area may be on the map at a time. A Bonus Area will disappear when the the area is 100% completed, or after 30 minutes have passed.

Bonus Areas were first introduced around the same time when Legendary Archwitches were introduced during The Outskirts of Town and The Evil-Eyed Maiden event.


Each Bonus Area appears with a random Area Element: [PASSION], [COOL], [LIGHT], or [DARK]. This grants a small Attack and Defense bonus to all of the player's cards that match the selected element while battling in the Bonus Area.

Bonus Areas feature chances to directly encounter the current event's Fantasy Archwitch and Legendary Archwitch. Normal Archwitches cannot be encountered inside a Bonus Area.

Bonus Areas also have special enemies that have a chance to drop useful items or cards.


  • The best area to farm to try to spawn a Bonus Area is the area with the lowest vitality cost and lowest number of steps. This is usually area 1-1 of the event map.
  • It is possible for a Bonus Area to spawn after completing the map for the first time. It is also possible for a new Bonus Area to spawn directly after completing the previous Bonus Area.
  • A Bonus Area has the same vitality cost and number of steps as the area on which it appears.
  • If the event map has special or extra areas, they do not need to be cleared to start receiving Bonus Areas.
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