During the event period, the special "Bounty Hunt" event map will appear!

Defeat the Archwitches on the "Wanted List" and receive starred summon tickets!

For this Bounty Hunt, [HIRAGA], [NINA], [ROSSA], and [PALOMA] will all be reissued!

The [PRESIDENT'S ARMBAND] card that can be amalgamated with [NINA] can also be obtained!

In addition, the UR [REAPER] and SR [DAREDEVIL] cards that can only be obtained from this Bounty Hunt will function as special cards for the Abyssal Archwitch Hunt that will begin at 12:00 on October 27th (JST)!

※Please refer to the "[New Upcoming Event]1st Abyssal Archwitch Hunt" announcement for more information.

■About the "Wanted List"

Areas where wanted Archwitches can be hunted will be displayed on the Wanted List. The strength of each of the wanted Archwitches varies, and different versions of starred summon tickets can be obtained by defeating stronger Archwitches.

In addition, after defeating a wanted Archwitch, the Fantasy Archwitch HIRAGA may appear!

The [HIRAGA] Fantasy Archwitch is a very powerful enemy, but a greater amount of starred summon tickets can be obtained by defeating her.

※The version and amount of starred summon tickets the [HIRAGA] Fantasy Archwitch will drop as a reward will differ depending on the area.

※Archwitches will not drop as regular rewards. Starred summon tickets can be used to obtain the reissued Archwitch cards.

※The Elemental Hall will not be available during this Bounty Hunt.

※Bonus areas will also not appear during this Bounty Hunt.

■Special Summon Tickets

After defeating a wanted Archwitch, starred summon tickets can be obtained by the Ace of the battle.

Different versions of starred summon tickets are available depending on the difficulty, and [★ Summon Ticket], [★★ Summon Ticket], and [★★★ Summon Ticket] items can all be obtained!

In addition, as the difficulty increases, greater amounts of starred summon tickets can be obtained by defeating the [HIRAGA] Fantasy Archwitch!

※For [HIRAGA], the player who encounters the Archwitch can receive starred summon tickets at each difficulty.

In addition, the player who earns the title of Ace can receive better versions of the starred summon tickets!

Starred summon tickets can also be obtained as area completion and ranking rewards.

These tickets can be used by going to the Menu > Summon screen.

※Please refer to each summon's "Featured" button for information about the reissued Archwitch cards that can be obtained from that summon.

※Kindly understand that it will not be possible to obtain Archwitch Core items during the Bounty Hunt event.

■Wanted Archwitches

  • NINA

For more details about battling Archwitches, please refer to the Battle > Archwitch Hunt section of the [Help] tab found in the game's main menu.

This event will take place from 12:00 on October 24th to 11:59 on October 31st (JST).


Mid Rankings
Rank Reward
1~300 ★★★ Summon Ticket ★★★ Summon Ticket x100
301~1000 ★★ Summon Ticket ★★ Summon Ticket x100
1001~5000 ★ Summon Ticket ★ Summon Ticket x100
Final Rankings
Rank Reward
1~300 Hiraga icon Hiraga x1
Legendary summon ticket Legendary Summon Ticket x1
301~1000 Nina icon Nina x1
Guaranteed UR ticket Guaranteed UR Ticket x1
1001~5000 Rossa icon Rossa x1
Guaranteed SR Ticket Guaranteed SR Ticket x1

Ranking TrendEdit

Date (JST) Rank 1 Rank 50 Rank 100 Rank 300 Rank 500 Rank 1000 Rank 5000
October 25 27,449,413 7,756,508 5,653,344 4,760,202 2,708,522 1,729,083 (Rank 996)
October 26 48,485,962 11,582,405 9,115,181 5,667,679 4,409,519
October 27 60,508,391 15,983,580 12,825,583 8,560,148 6,214,559
October 28 84,417,714 20,420,418 15,946,437
October 29 96,892,133 24,659,124 20,000,205 12,968,159
October 30 115,063,429 30,119,319 23,061,231 16,403,501 (Rank 277) 11,478,863
October 31 120,870,384 31,756,643 24,877,706 17,694,791 12,702,966 (Rank 435) 8,404,470

Abyssal Archwitch HuntEdit

1st Abyssal Archwitch Hunt
Banner 1st Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!
Start (JST) 12:00 October 27 2016
End (JST) 11:59 October 31 2016
Alliance Recruitment

The first Abyssal Archwitch Hunt was held during this event.

For more info, see here.

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