Cards are classified by various attributes including: element, rarity, stats, and skill.


Urcaguary Ex stats

There are five elements in Valkyrie Crusade which are:

Elements characterize a card and offer a damage bonus against their opposite type (Passion↔Cool, Light↔Dark).


Every card is branded with its abbreviated rarity in the upper-left corner of the card.

Higher rarity cards generally have higher stats and better skills, but also a lower chance of being obtained.


Stats consist of various properties including:

  • Level (Overall power)
  • Card cost (Usage cost in team)
  • Attack (Increases damage dealt)
  • Defense (Reduces damage taken)
  • Soldiers (Number of hit points)

The blue numbers in parenthesis indicate any bonuses given from Buildings, Unit Bonuses, Autoskills, Friendship, and Upgrade Potions.


Often a deciding factor for a card's usefulness is the skill. The majority of cards have only one skill. Secondary skills exist only on special cards. LR cards all have 2 skills and an optional equippable third custom skill. For the full list of skills, descriptions, and upgrade chart see the main article on Skills.

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