This is a skill introduced along with the Reborn Update that converts a percentage of the damage dealt by this card's skill to soldier count regained. Read more about this skill on the Skills page.

Normal / High Normal
Catty icon Catty Devil Child icon Devil Child Dragon Slayer icon Dragon Slayer Homunculus icon Homunculus
Rare / High Rare
Aither icon Aither Carmilla icon Carmilla Dark Knight icon Dark Knight Doppelganger icon Doppelganger
Kelpie icon Kelpie Medici icon Medici Miduhanome icon Miduhanome Nue icon Nue
Present Pirate icon Present Pirate Rangda icon Rangda Rune Knight icon Rune Knight
Super Rare / High Super Rare / Great Super Rare / XSR
Alp icon Alp Angler icon Angler Arion icon Arion Beastia icon Beastia
Cao Cao icon Cao Cao Catagion icon Catagion Data Scanner icon Data Scanner Eir Maid icon Eir Maid
Enlil icon Enlil Harnett icon Harnett Huwawa icon Huwawa Izanami icon Izanami
Joker icon Joker Kayatsuhime icon Kayatsuhime Kyklos icon Kyklos Lorayne icon Lorayne
Lost Fairy icon Lost Fairy Minette icon Minette Mnemosyne icon Mnemosyne Nakisawame icon Nakisawame
Oruro icon Oruro Pianta icon Pianta Prydwen icon Prydwen Quinty icon Quinty
Sanja icon Sanja Soul Eater icon Soul Eater Taishi Ci icon Taishi Ci Vrykolakas icon Vrykolakas
Wandering Sanzo icon Wandering Sanzo Winemaker icon Winemaker
Ultra Rare / High Ultra Rare / Great Ultra Rare / XUR
Ali Baba icon Ali Baba Android Warrior icon Android Warrior Arethusa icon Arethusa Azi Dahaka icon Azi Dahaka
Candy Cannon icon Candy Cannon Charybdis icon Charybdis Cheerful Pixie G icon Cheerful Pixie Cornelia icon Cornelia
Dark Eyes icon Dark Eyes Dark Eyes Unveiled icon Dark Eyes Unveiled Dark Succubus icon Dark Succubus Demiurge icon Demiurge
Ema icon Ema General Sumire icon General Sumire Goetia icon Goetia Kelvin icon Kelvin
Liber icon Liber Mad Scientist icon Mad Scientist Megaera icon Megaera Mikoterasu G icon Mikoterasu
Minister Cairn icon Minister Cairn Nurse Cairn G icon Nurse Cairn Pianissimo icon Pianissimo Radiant Pixie G icon Radiant Pixie
Sacred Amaterasu icon Sacred Amaterasu Sanzo icon Sanzo Vermillion Victoria icon Vermillion Victoria
Legendary Rare / Higher Legendary Rare / Great Legendary Rare / XLR
Asagi icon Asagi Celestial Angel icon Celestial Angel Deep Succubus icon Deep Succubus Elated Haunt icon Elated Haunt
Elisa icon Elisa General Apricot icon General Apricot Haunt icon Haunt Jodie Legend icon Jodie Legend
Mother Gaia icon Mother Gaia Shirin icon Shirin Summer Enosea icon Summer Enosea Sweet Cairn icon Sweet Cairn

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