Cards in this category have one or more skills that activate between 10% and 14% of the time at max skill level.

Normal / High Normal
Beastmaster icon Beastmaster Beastmaster (Old) icon Beastmaster (Old) Bishop icon Bishop Cockroach icon Cockroach
Cutthroat (Old) icon Cutthroat (Old) Cyclops icon Cyclops Dark Wizard icon Dark Wizard Dragon Slayer (Old) icon Dragon Slayer (Old)
Miko icon Miko Red Hood icon Red Hood
Rare / High Rare
Akito icon Akito Alchemist icon Alchemist Baphomet icon Baphomet Bingo Girl icon Bingo Girl
Bullet Girl icon Bullet Girl Clutho icon Clutho Conch Angel icon Conch Angel Crimson Cap icon Crimson Cap
Crowley icon Crowley Delphinus icon Delphinus Diabolo Star icon Diabolo Star Diva icon Diva
Emilia icon Emilia Eunomia icon Eunomia Furinkazan icon Furinkazan Gale icon Gale
Ginger icon Ginger Grappler icon Grappler Halfelf icon Halfelf Hermit icon Hermit
Illuminatia icon Illuminatia Leo icon Leo Lightning icon Lightning Liliane icon Liliane
Lucky Cat icon Lucky Cat Maestro icon Maestro Metronome icon Metronome Minerva icon Minerva
Mneme icon Mneme Musician icon Musician New Girl icon New Girl Oneiros icon Oneiros
Onomatopoeia icon Onomatopoeia Orc icon Orc Patrol icon Patrol Pillow Fighter icon Pillow Fighter
Princess Choco icon Princess Choco Pub Girl icon Pub Girl Ratatoskr icon Ratatoskr Romance icon Romance
Rusalka icon Rusalka Scientist icon Scientist Seagull icon Seagull Sedna icon Sedna
Skuld icon Skuld Sleeping Beauty icon Sleeping Beauty Soldier icon Soldier Support Droid icon Support Droid
Tengu icon Tengu The Poor icon The Poor Time Patrol icon Time Patrol Turmeric icon Turmeric
Valefar icon Valefar Windmill icon Windmill
Super Rare / High Super Rare / Great Super Rare / XSR
Anahita icon Anahita Angra Mainyu icon Angra Mainyu Atropos icon Atropos Chaos icon Chaos
Chronos icon Chronos Forneus icon Forneus Gaia icon Gaia Hervor icon Hervor
Iris icon Iris Ishtar icon Ishtar Journalist icon Journalist Lofn icon Lofn
Polar Night icon Polar Night Princess icon Princess Titan icon Titan Wreath icon Wreath
Ultra Rare / High Ultra Rare / Great Ultra Rare / XUR
Alien Maxwell icon Alien Maxwell Anglerfish icon Anglerfish Arznei icon Arznei Balancer icon Balancer
Cacao Knight icon Cacao Knight Capone icon Capone Celesta icon Celesta Cozily icon Cozily
Dream Pillow icon Dream Pillow Dynamite Cheer icon Dynamite Cheer Ebisu icon Ebisu Empress Slime icon Empress Slime
Fairy Princess icon Fairy Princess Fu Tsu icon Fu Tsu Funeral March icon Funeral March Gan Ning icon Gan Ning
Garm icon Garm Gelgja icon Gelgja Genie icon Genie Goth Genie G icon Goth Genie
Gozaru icon Gozaru Groa icon Groa Hamlet icon Hamlet Hebe icon Hebe
Idun icon Idun Jewel Girl icon Jewel Girl Julie icon Julie Kukunochi icon Kukunochi
Lil' Alchemist icon Lil' Alchemist Lion Dancer icon Lion Dancer Minister Kyulu icon Minister Kyulu Miss Lunar New Year icon Miss Lunar New Year
Necronomicon icon Necronomicon Orbit icon Orbit Painter icon Painter Pala icon Pala
Pasiphae icon Pasiphae Phantom X icon Phantom X Pinochet icon Pinochet Platinum Fairy icon Platinum Fairy
Premium Prize icon Premium Prize Puck icon Puck Raven icon Raven Rogue icon Rogue
Rogue The Vengeful G icon Rogue The Vengeful Sexy Summer Pixie icon Sexy Summer Pixie Sfera icon Sfera Sister Meemori icon Sister Meemori
Skymaid icon Skymaid Spinel icon Spinel Tarot Spirit icon Tarot Spirit Temari icon Temari
True Tome Mia icon True Tome Mia Wingless icon Wingless
Legendary Rare / Higher Legendary Rare / Great Legendary Rare / XLR
Pretty Hades icon Pretty Hades

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