The following cards have incorrect images or other data in the game data files. These can only be corrected once Nubee/MyNet fixes them.

Existing Card Errors

Known Card Errors
Card Error
Spinner (New) icon Spinner (New) The skill text that shows during battles when you tap the card (fire text) incorrectly states her skill as "Deal 40% Dark icon DMG 6~9 times to the enemy / 15% chance" (or 9-12 times for the GUR version). However, she is a salvo card and the skill properly shows the correct text when viewing the card details.
Mage Emilie icon Mage Emilie GUR icon image is reversed
Bumpkin icon Bumpkin HD Image has the wrong border. Only the MD image is on the wikia
Vegie icon Vegie HD Image has the wrong border. Only the MD image is on the wikia
Olivia icon Olivia GUR icon is the same as HUR icon.
Itsuki icon Itsuki HLR/GLR borders are the same color as the LR's, instead of the shinier shade for evolved border.
Evaughn icon Evaughn GUR has the same icon as HUR.
Ipheion icon Ipheion The icons and the art don't match
  • Unevolved Art - facing right, blonde hair
  • Unevolved Icon - facing right, reddish brown hair
  • Evolved Art - facing right, reddish brown hair
  • Evolved Icon - facing left, blonde hair
Palella X icon Palella XSR art has UR borders, reborn icon is for XUR.
Sharitel icon Sharitel HUR Icon is the same as GUR

Corrected Card Errors

Corrected Card Errors
Card Original Error Correction Date
Ariel (Light) icon Ariel (Light) She has the incorrect card icon for her 2★ evolution, instead using the image of Queen Mother 21 September 2018
Glasya icon Glasya She has the wrong image and icon for her GSR evolution (Uses the 3★ instead of 4★)  ?
Melodica icon Melodica GUR icon is the same as her HUR icon 12 May 2017
Teatime icon Teatime Has images defined as though a 1★ evolution, but is actually a 4★ evolution. before release
Mildred icon Mildred The amalgamation of the 2 HSR cards incorrectly made the HUR version instead of the UR version. April 4th, 2016 (JST)
Ice Wolf Fenrir icon Ice Wolf Fenrir The skill text states that she buffs only herself, but the GUR skill is configured to buff all Dark cards. August 17th, 2016 (JST)
Jasmine icon Jasmine Her HUR icon is the same as her GUR icon.  ?
Sacred Seika G icon Sacred Seika GUR form has no Burst skill associated with her card. 12 May 2017
Garden Guardian G icon Garden Guardian GUR form has no Burst skill associated with her card.
Also has the wrong icon. Uses her unamalgamated icon with no crown/diadem.
12 May 2017
22 May 2017
Formal Sucia G icon Formal Sucia Wrong icon, uses HUR icon of Minister Sucia. 21 September 2018
Mystic Eos icon Mystic Eos Wrong icon for HUR, uses GUR icon. 21 September 2018
Pilot Mikli icon Pilot Mikli Wrong icon for GUR, uses HUR icon. 21 September 2018
Kototowa icon Kototowa Card has UR borders instead of SR 24 April 2019
Jade icon Jade GSR Icon is the same as HSR. 26 July 2019

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