Events are periodically cycled throughout the year. They usually last approximately 10-14 days.

Each event features exclusive cards which can only be obtained during their time (most notably the archwitches). Along with that, there are special activities in which players must perform in order to obtain them.

No specific event has ever been repeated. They do, however, recycle old events with new cards and occasionally bring back old archwitches.

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Banner Tower of the Gleaming Augite.png Banner The Spring of the Goddess Krene.png Banner Tower of the Stellar Lance.png Banner Pumpkin Panic.png Banner Tower of the Hidden Princess.png Banner 8th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner A New Gateway.png Banner Tower of the Flaming Sword of Fire.png Banner Her First Test.png Banner Underworld Tower to Heaven.png Banner An Interstellar Journey.png Banner The Blundering Sun Goddess.png Banner 7th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner The Perfect Temptation.png Banner Grimoire Quest.png Banner In the Dungeon Depths.png Banner The Banisher of Disease.png Banner The Day The Music Almost Died.png Banner Celestial Jubilee IV.png Banner 6th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner Whitecloth's Great Awakening.png Banner The Rarest of Stones.png Banner Visitors from on High.png Banner 5th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner Relena Training Event!.png Banner A Dancer's Depression.png Banner Valentine's Day Chocolate Hunt.png Banner 4th Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner Relena's 3rd Challenge!.png Banner Sally's Dress Dilemma.png Banner New Year's Fun and Games.png Banner 3rd Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner Relena's 2nd Challenge!.png Banner Holy Night! No One at the Gate.png Banner The Immortal Queen's Request.png Banner 2nd Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner Relena's Challenge!.png Banner Invaders!.png Banner 1st Abyssal Archwitch Hunt!.png Banner A Dark and Dreary Autumn.png Banner Bounty Hunt in Progress!.png Banner Halloween Confessions Can Wait.png Banner The Temple in the Sand.png Banner Summer Ends With a Bang!.png Banner Bounty Hunt!.png Banner Moonlight Rumble.png Banner A Haunting Mystery.png Banner Ice Wolves and Summer Snow.png Banner A Celestial Vacation.png Banner Follow Your Dreams- Idols Live!.png Banner Rhapsody of the Dark Princess.png Banner The Stolas Sisters.png Banner War Goddess Comeback.png Banner Valkyrie Wars.png Banner Academy Battle.png Banner Princess in Peril!.png Banner Celestial Jubilee III.png Banner The Tyrant.png Banner Desert Dreams.png Banner Valentine's Day Grand Prix.png Banner Sisterhood of Thieves.png Banner A Celestial Shrine Visit.png Banner A Celestial Adventure.png Banner The Celestial Slayer.png Banner The Watcher in the Sky.png Banner Cyberwars.png Banner Halloween Night.png Banner The Evil-Eyed Maiden.png Banner The Outskirts of Town.png Banner The Alchemist and the Magic Spell.png Banner The Fairies' New Wings.png Banner The Stolen Grimoire.png Banner The Oracle's Day Off.png Banner Celestial Grand Prix.png Banner Princess Knight Imprisoned.png Banner Celestial Railway.png Banner Celestial Studio Tour.png Banner Celestial Pilgrimage The Final Battle.png Banner Celestial Pilgrimage Training.png Banner Celestial Battle Royal.png Banner Victoria the Vampire Princess.png Banner Celestial Jubilee II.png Banner Maidens and Magic Weapons.png Banner Celestial Drinking Party.png Banner Chocolate Wars.png Banner Witch Gates Galore.png Banner Celestial Cat-astrophe.png Banner The Four Guardians.png Banner SecretSanta.png Banner ValkyrieKingdom.png Banner OurLadiesofSolace.png Banner SengokuinAutumn.png Banner AHappyHalloween.png Banner PiratesoftheSky.png Banner ACelestialSaga.png Banner GalacticJourney.png Banner CelestialTreasure.png Banner SacredBeastsoftheForest.png Banner CelestialFireworks.png Banner DreamyDestination.png Banner TerrorTown.png Banner TheThreeStepsofLove.png Banner ACircusDarkly.png Banner DarkAliceandtheBewilderingWood.png Banner Cybercity.png Banner SchoolofValkyrie.png Banner MaidinHeaven.png Banner CelestialJubilee.png Banner DollFestivalRumble.png Banner 5thAB.png Banner Miracles of Medicine.png Banner ValkyrieValentine.png Banner 4th AllianceBattle.png Banner TwinSisters DollPrincess.png Banner Valkyrie New Year.png Xmas event 2 banner.png Xmas event 1 banner.png Flame Goddess banner.png 3rd Alliance banner.png Casino banner.png Halloween event banner.png 2nd Alliance Battle Banner.jpg Maidens in Love banner.png Maiden on the Run banner.png 1st Alliance Battle Banner.PNG Starry Skies Banner.png Daily event banner.PNG Gaapbanner.png World of the Gods' Resort banner.png RotDVkbanner.png MotFKbanner.png Vc master alchemist.png

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