On August 1st 2013, the following cards have been removed from the game and replaced with new versions.

Retired Card New Card
Bandit (Old) icon Bandit (Old) Bandit icon  Bandit
Beastmaster (Old) icon Beastmaster (Old) Beastmaster icon  Beastmaster
Cutthroat (Old) icon Cutthroat (Old) Cutthroat icon  Cutthroat
Cyborg (Old) icon Cyborg (Old) Cyborg icon  Cyborg
Dancer (Old) icon Dancer (Old) Dancer icon  Dancer
Dark Knight (Old) icon Dark Knight (Old) Dark Knight icon  Dark Knight
Detective (Old) icon Detective (Old) Detective icon  Detective
Doll Master (Old) icon Doll Master (Old) Doll Master icon  Doll Master
Dragon Knight (Old) icon Dragon Knight (Old) Dragon Knight icon  Dragon Knight
Dragon Slayer (Old) icon Dragon Slayer (Old) Dragon Slayer icon  Dragon Slayer
Dragonewt (Old) icon Dragonewt (Old) Dragonewt icon  Dragonewt
Druid (Old) icon Druid (Old) Druid icon  Druid
Empress (Old) icon Empress (Old) Empress icon  Empress
Farmer (Old) icon Farmer (Old) Farmer icon  Farmer
Fox Spirit (Old) icon Fox Spirit (Old) Fox Spirit icon  Fox Spirit
Gnome (Old) icon Gnome (Old) Gnome icon  Gnome
Harpy (Old) icon Harpy (Old) Harpy icon  Harpy
Hunter (Old) icon Hunter (Old) Hunter icon  Hunter
Idol (Old) icon Idol (Old) Idol icon  Idol
Knight (Old) icon Knight (Old) Knight icon  Knight
Kung-Fu Master (Old) icon Kung-Fu Master (Old) Kung-Fu Master icon  Kung-Fu Master
Lycaon (Old) icon Lycaon (Old) Lycaon icon  Lycaon
Martial Artist (Old) icon Martial Artist (Old) Martial Artist icon  Martial Artist
Mechanic (Old) icon Mechanic (Old) Mechanic icon  Mechanic
Mythic Knight (Old) icon Mythic Knight (Old) Mythic Knight icon  Mythic Knight
Oni (Old) icon Oni (Old) Oni icon  Oni
Paladin (Old) icon Paladin (Old) Paladin icon  Paladin
Rune Knight (Old) icon Rune Knight (Old) Rune Knight icon  Rune Knight
Sage (Old) icon Sage (Old) Sage icon  Sage
Strategist (Old) icon Strategist (Old) Strategist icon  Strategist
Swordsman (Old) icon Swordsman (Old) Swordsman icon  Swordsman
Sylph (Old) icon Sylph (Old) Sylph icon  Sylph
Trickster (Old) icon Trickster (Old) Trickster icon  Trickster
Vampire Hunter (Old) icon Vampire Hunter (Old) Vampire Hunter icon  Vampire Hunter

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