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Super Rare cards are of the third highest rarity and have huge potential. A team of Super Rare cards can make a player extremely competent despite not being the highest rarity.

They are typically obtained from Premium Summon Ticket.png Premium Summons, Ultimate Summon Ticket.png Ultimate Summons, and Reward Chest.png Archwitch Rewards.

Many Super Rare cards are exclusive to limited-time events and are no longer obtainable.

Passion icon.pngPassion Passion icon.png
Alp icon.png Alp
Eir icon.png Eir
Ai icon.png Ai
Amy icon.png Amy
Lu icon.png Lu
Cool icon.pngCoolCool icon.png
Eva icon.png Eva
Koz icon.png Koz
Light icon.pngLightLight icon.png
Ash icon.png Ash
Pan icon.png Pan
Mia icon.png Mia
Fel icon.png Fel
Ion icon.png Ion
Rem icon.png Rem
Dark icon.pngDarkDark icon.png
Nyx icon.png Nyx
Flu icon.png Flu
Yuu icon.png Yuu
Special icon.pngSpecialSpecial icon.png

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