Each card here can skip a total of 1 turn without any extra skill unleash.

Read more about this skill on the Turn Skip page.

Cards Edit

Normal / High Normal
Ariel (Light) icon Ariel (Light) Bard icon Bard Chronomancer icon Chronomancer Diver icon Diver
Doll Master icon Doll Master Doll Master (Old) icon Doll Master (Old) Harpy icon Harpy Harpy (Old) icon Harpy (Old)
Harvest Girl icon Harvest Girl Japanese Gambler icon Japanese Gambler Petty Pirate icon Petty Pirate Pixie icon Pixie
Rambler Rose icon Rambler Rose Sea icon Sea Shepherd icon Shepherd Space Cop icon Space Cop
Village Maiden icon Village Maiden Witch icon Witch Zashiki Warashi icon Zashiki Warashi
Rare / High Rare
Agent Nine icon Agent Nine Alraune icon Alraune Amp icon Amp Analyst icon Analyst
Andromeda icon Andromeda Arachne icon Arachne Artist icon Artist Balloon Artist icon Balloon Artist
Balloon Scout icon Balloon Scout Bird-of-Paradise icon Bird-of-Paradise Brownie icon Brownie Camerawoman icon Camerawoman
Casino Waitress icon Casino Waitress Choco Knight icon Choco Knight Chocowhip icon Chocowhip Court Lady icon Court Lady
Dagon icon Dagon Dark Mage icon Dark Mage Death Lord icon Death Lord Demon Twins icon Demon Twins
Echidna icon Echidna Fabric Master icon Fabric Master Firewings icon Firewings Flamel icon Flamel
Fox Spirit icon Fox Spirit Fox Spirit (Old) icon Fox Spirit (Old) Free Floater icon Free Floater Gae Bulg icon Gae Bulg
Ghost Ship icon Ghost Ship Honey Bear icon Honey Bear Humanoid icon Humanoid Illusionist icon Illusionist
Isabel icon Isabel Jade-Faced Princess icon Jade-Faced Princess Jordi icon Jordi Kagamimochi icon Kagamimochi
Mara icon Mara Nekomata icon Nekomata Patroller icon Patroller Pearl icon Pearl
Pinocchio icon Pinocchio Police icon Police Pomona icon Pomona Rapunzel icon Rapunzel
Sargasso icon Sargasso Scarecrow icon Scarecrow Selene icon Selene Senri icon Senri
Sheet Ghost icon Sheet Ghost Silver Demon icon Silver Demon Snowman Magnet icon Snowman Magnet Somersault Girl icon Somersault Girl
Sommelier icon Sommelier Sparky icon Sparky Spirit Tortoise icon Spirit Tortoise Sprite icon Sprite
Succubus icon Succubus Table-Tennis Girl icon Table-Tennis Girl Wall Demon icon Wall Demon

Ultra Rare / High Ultra Rare / Great Ultra Rare / XUR
Dimension Girl G icon Dimension Girl Haunted Hood icon Haunted Hood Janitor Garnet G icon Janitor Garnet Otherworld Girl icon Otherworld Girl

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