These cards have a 2nd skill called "Witch Hunt" that can deal extra damage to Archwitches and can be only obtained through Ultimate Summon or as Special Event cards (like Tarot Spirit or Dark Succubus).

Read more about this skill on the Skills page.

Super Rare / High Super Rare / Great Super Rare / XSR
Alien icon Alien Amber icon Amber Athena icon Athena Belial icon Belial
Bloody Mary icon Bloody Mary Flora icon Flora Hecate icon Hecate High Succubus icon High Succubus
Kikurihime icon Kikurihime Omoikane icon Omoikane Raphael icon Raphael
Ultra Rare / High Ultra Rare / Great Ultra Rare / XUR
Dark Succubus icon Dark Succubus Tarot Spirit icon Tarot Spirit

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