The blue wings that replaced her old tattered ones calmed her heart.


[Limited SR] Reward
Ancient Coins Ancient Coins Exchange


0✰ Max Level: 50
0✰ Cost: 39
0✰ Attack: 3800 / 6080 / 6907 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Defense: 4100 / 6560 / 7403 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Soldiers : 3750 / 7500 / 8396 (Perfect Amalgamation)

1★ Max Level: 60
1★ Cost: 47
1★ Attack: 4180 / 8512 / 8636 (Mixed Evolution) / 8760 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Defense: 4510 / 9184 / 9310 (Mixed Evolution) / 9436 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Soldiers : 4125 / 10500 / 10634 (Mixed Evolution) / 10768 (Perfect Amalgamation)


Circle of Silence
Min Level Effect:
All enemies can't move for 3 turn(s) / 10% chance
Max Level Effect:
All enemies can't move for 3 turn(s) / 15% chance


Blue is the color of serenity.
May I bring peace to you, too.
Flying is truly wonderful.
I'm so happy I can do it.
Battle Start:
Serenity now and forever.
Battle End:
Silence can be so lonely...
Friendship Max:
Blue flames are hotter than
red. Is it the same with love?
Friendship Event:
What? I'm so serene, it's
hard to know how I feel?
You have a point, but I am
really happy flying with you!
Likeability Rate 0:
Another fairy hunter? I've had
enough of your kind. Stay back
or you'll never move again.
Likeability Rate 1:
I don't understand... You don't
seem evil to me. Are you
actually a good guy?
Likeability Rate 2:
I know you're not a hunter, but
that doesn't mean I trust you.
And don't come near my wings.
Likeability Rate 3:
I may not show it, but I simply
love these new wings. I hope
you like them, too.
Likeability Rate 4:
I don't show my feelings, but I
am so glad I met you. I hope
you'll keep protecting me.

Card Icons


Lost Fairy
Lost Fairy (SR)
Amalg cross Blue Wings
Blue Wings (R)
Amalg equal Cool Fairy
Cool Fairy (SR)

Passion Fairy
(SR) Passion Fairy
Amalg cross Dark Fairy
(SR) Dark Fairy
Amalg cross Light Fairy
(SR) Light Fairy
Amalg cross Cool Fairy
(SR) Cool Fairy
Amalg equal Elemental Queen
(UR) Elemental Queen
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