This event hosts the Cybercity, a brand-new world map.

  • Amalgamate the archwitch Destroyer with the fantasy archwitch Matrix to create Ragnarok, the ultimate weapon!
  • Fantasy archwitch Matrix may appear when the Destroyers you discover yourself are defeated.
  • Ragnarok is another fantasy archwitch who has a lower chance of appearing.

In addition, sacred treasure and progress point rewards are also available, offering Rocket Punch and Vending Machine, respectively.

Limited EnemyEdit

Limited Enemy
Banner CybercityLE2
Start (JST) May 09 2014 12:00
End (JST) May 15 2014 11:59
Alliance Recruitment

From May 9th to the 15th, SR Monochrome will available as a limited enemy on the Celestial Realm map.

  • 1/2 Vitality will not be applied.
  • The higher the area, the higher the encounter rate.
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