Dark Alice and the Bewildering Wood
Banner DarkAliceandtheBewilderingWood2Time for tea! Hurry up and
pass that tart, peasant!
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Start (JST) May 15 2014 12:00
End (JST) May 30 2014 11:59

Mabel icon Mabel
Ranking Reward
Dark Alice icon Dark Alice
Fantasy Archwitch
Bertina icon Bertina
Jodie icon Jodie
Eldritch Keys
Pyromancer icon Pyromancer
Eldritch Keys
Momotaro icon Momotaro
Eldritch Keys
Peter Pan icon Peter Pan
Sacred Treasure
Dorothy icon Dorothy
Event 10/15x damage
Pinocchio icon Pinocchio
Event 5/7x damage

This event includes the Old Woodland Road, a brand-new world map.

Battle the exclusive archwitch Bertina, only available here!

Defeat the exclusive archwitches you discover and the fantasy archwitch Dark Alice may appear!

Fantasy archwitches are the most powerful archwitches ever! Try to defeat them with your comrades!

  • There is a chance of a fantasy archwitch appearing when you defeat an exclusive lv. 50 or higher archwitch you discovered yourself.
  • BP doesn't decrease at your first fantasy archwitch encounter, but you only have 30 minutes until she makes her escape.
  • You can still encounter exclusive archwitches while fantasy archwitches are eligible to appear.

Special Features

  • Event-exclusive Tea Set relics and a completion reward!
  • Exclusive interlinked quests!
  • Plenty of new cards!

This event features treasure areas that can be opened only by using the specified number of Eldritch Keys. And you can only get these keys by defeating exclusive archwitches and fantasy archwitches, but only a very few will have them. Get the Eldritch Keys and claim your rewards!

Eldritch Keys will be easier to obtain if you send reinforcements to your comrades and fellow alliance members to help them with their archwitch hunts.

Eldritch Key will be void by 2nd June 23:59(JST), 3 days after the end of event

Eldritch KeysEdit

To use your Eldritch Keys, tap the red button in the lower left corner of the campaign map. You will have a choice between three gates to open, and within them are three chests — one of which you will open for a random reward.

Potential Rewards
Stone Gate (Eldritch Key x5) Iron Gate (Eldritch Key x8) Golden Gate (Eldritch Key x12)
Premium Summon Ticket Premium Summon Ticket x1 Bertina icon Bertina Jodie icon Jodie
Momotaro icon Momotaro Arcana forced ATK Arcana Forced ATK Bertina icon Bertina
Slime icon Slime Arcana strong DEF Arcana Strong DEF Arcana Forced ATK Plus Arcana Forced ATK+
Arcana turn over Arcana Turn Over Cinderella icon Cinderella Arcana Strong DEF Plus Arcana Strong DEF+
Arcana stability Arcana Stability Queen of Ice icon Queen of IceCinderella icon Cinderella
Maiden Ticket Maiden Ticket x2 Pyromancer icon Pyromancer Queen of Ice icon Queen of Ice
Light sword Valkyrie Sword Light x1Momotaro icon Momotaro Pyromancer icon Pyromancer
Light shoes Valkyrie Shoes Light x1Maiden Ticket Maiden Ticket x5 Momotaro icon Momotaro
Friendship-icon Friendship Points x200 Light sword Valkyrie Sword Light x1Light sword Valkyrie Sword Light x1
Friendship-icon Friendship Points x100 Light shoes Valkyrie Shoes Light x1Light shoes Valkyrie Shoes Light x1
Alliance Duel No. 2
Banner AllianceDuelNo2-2
Start (JST) 12:00 May 24 2014
End (JST) 11:59 May 25 2014
Alliance Recruitment

Alliance DuelEdit

From May 24th to the 25th, the second Alliance Duel event will be occurring alongside this one.

For more information, see Alliance Duel No. 2.

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