Deck maintenance is an important part of the game. It includes not only building Attack, Defense, and Elemental units, but also deck expansion. Ensuring your deck is able to field the cards you want by increasing Deck Cost and not running out of space to hold new cards will help you take down more powerful enemies. For specific strategies on what types of cards you should look for when battling certain enemies, see our Deck Guides pages.

Attack UnitEdit

Players start with 3 available slots in their Attack unit. Two more slots can be unlocked by building an Arena and upgrading it to level 2.

Attack units are used everywhere except round battles in Elemental Hall, Tower-Type Events, and Demon Realm Voyage.

Each card added to the unit will increase your Deck Cost based on how much the cards cost. This is good to keep in mind while upgrading cards since their cost will increase and might make them unusable with your current team.

Defense UnitEdit

Like Attack unit, Defense unit starts with 3 slots that can be increased to 5 by building and upgrading a Fort.

Defense unit is used for defending against Duels and Alliance Battles.

This unit can't be controlled so using cards with self buffs or activate-on-hit effects is not recommended.

If you lose a Duel, every card in the team will lose 10% of their current soldiers.

Elemental UnitsEdit

Unlike Attack and Defense units, Elemental Units always have 5 slots.

Cards used for Attack or Defense units can also be assigned for Elemental units.

Cards in Elemental units can be used for different elements but can't be used for different teams within the same element.

Damage taken during battles with Elemental Units will not reduce the soldier count of affected cards.

Unit BonusEdit

Depending on your team, various Unit Bonuses will activate. These are passive buffs for your team that increase the base ATK / DEF of the team by certain % (based on the bonus)

It's possible to stack the Bonuses to receive greater bonus. For example, having 5 GUR Light cards would provide 35% more ATK for every card in the unit (25% for GUR and 10% for Light element).

These bonuses work for Attack, Defense and Elemental Hall teams.

Deck CostEdit

Deck Cost determines how many cards you can fit in your Attack, Defense or Elemental Hall teams. Each player starts the game with 90 Deck Cost, which can be increased as you progress through the game. Deck cost increase items can be obtained through Kingdom level ups, Shop Purchases, or building Barracks and leveling them. There are also sometimes limited shop purchases or Summons which offer Deck Cost.

Each card has their own cost that varies between 15 for N cards and 273 for XLR cards.

Highest cost for GUR cards is 99 and lowest for LR is 120.

The required deck cost for full teams of:

  • GSR - 320
  • GUR - 495
  • GLR - 1050
  • XLR - 1365

Increasing Deck CostEdit

Item Deck Cost Price
Deck Cost Limit 1010 Gemstone[100]
Deck Cost Limit 2020 Gemstone[200]
Deck Cost Limit 30 30 Gemstone[300]
Deck Cost Limit 50 50 Gemstone[500]
Deck Cost Limit 8080 Gemstone[800]
BarracksBarracks 336 (6 x 56)

(138 with 3 lv10)

Gemstone[9,800](Castle 12 and lv11 x 6)
Beginner Support SetBeginner Support Set 30 Gemstone[1,000]
Head Start PackHead Start Pack 130 (50 + 80) Gemstone[9,800]
Experience-icon Level Rewards Level 300: 245
Level 200: 225
Level 100: 188
Level 1: 90
Deck Cost Limit 30Beginner's Quest 30 -
Total 961 Gemstone[20,900]

Welcome Back Campaign:

  • 1x +80 DC item from Returnee Special Set (M) for Gemstone[5,000]
  • 1x +30 DC item from Returnee Special Set (S) for Gemstone[1,500]

Limited-time offers:

Date Campaign/Offer Description Inclusive DC Limit Cost
Jun 6-19, 2017 LR Step-Up Summon Received from performing at least one Lap 1, Step 5 DC +80 12,000 Gemstone b
Oct 11-17, 2017 9M Download Campaign 9M Users Commemoration SP Pack (M) DC +80 9,999 Gemstone b
9M Users Commemoration SP Pack (S) DC +30 3,000 Gemstone b
Oct 17 - Nov 1, 2017 Limited Step-Up Summon Received for each Lap 1, Step 4 DC +20 6,000 Gemstone b
Received for each Lap 2, Step 4 DC +50 12,600 Gemstone b (First two laps cost 12,300 jewels since first summon was free.)
Dec 11-18, 2017 Tower-Event Support Set DC +80 4,500 Gemstone b
Jan 1-5, 2018 New Year 2018 Lucky Bags Year 2018 Lucky Bag (Pine) DC +80 9,999 Gemstone b
Year 2018 Lucky Bag (Bamboo) DC +50 x,xxx Gemstone b
Year 2018 Lucky Bag (Plum) DC +30 x,xxx Gemstone b
Oct 16-31, 2018 10M Users Commemoration SP Packs 10M Users! SP Pack (M) DC +80 5,000 Gemstone b
10M Users! SP Pack (S) DC +50 2,500 Gemstone b
Nov 30-Dec 14, 2018 Tower-Event Support Set DC +80 4,500 Gemstone b
Dec 10-27, 2018 Christmas Treasure Hunt Campaign Treasure Hunt Set (M)* (2 purchases per account) DC +20 5,000 Gemstone b
Treasure Hunt Set (S)* (2 purchases per account) DC +10 3,000 Gemstone b
Jan 1-7, 2019 New Year 2019 Lucky Bags 2019 Lucky Bag (Pine) DC +50 9,000 Gemstone b
2019 Lucky Bag (Bamboo) DC +30 5,000 Gemstone b
2019 Lucky Bag (Plum) DC +30 3,000 Gemstone b
Feb 25-28, 2019 Demon Realm Event Support Sets Demon Realm Pack (L) DC +30 9,000 Gemstone b
Demon Realm Pack (S) DC +50 1,500 Gemstone b
Demon Realm Pack (M) DC +30 3,000 Gemstone b
April 26-29, 2019 6th Year Alliance Bingo Pack limit to 2 purchases per account DC +50 3,000 Gemstone b

Card LimitEdit

When starting the game, players will have 75 card limit in their deck and 10 in their collection.

It's possible to get a free Card Limit +15 item by clearing area 10-6 in Celestial Realm.

It can further be expanded with Card Limit +5 items that cost Gemstone[150] up to 90 times.

Collection can be expanded up to 99 pages for Gemstone[400] per page.

Cards stored in Collection tab must be withdrawn before they can be used for upgrading or assigned to different units. At this time, collection pages have no searching or filtering options to find specific cards and must be organized manually.

There were also limited-time offers that included items to increase card limit:

  • Black Friday Variety Pack (S) - Card Limit +15 (2 purchases per account)
  • Black Friday Variety Pack (M) - Card Limit +20 (2 purchases per account)
  • During the The Valentine's Day Caper event, a new limited structure was introduced that offered +15 card limit at it's maximum level (4).
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