Elemental Chronicle is a new type of event introduced alongside with Soul Weapon and Alchemy features.

It is an event that allows players to advance through stages with a Soul Weapon, and to collect Memory Cores to regain back a Soul Weapon's memory and power.

Lord ArchwitchEdit

Elemental Chronicle introduced a new type of archwitch, Lord Archwitch, which appears in the event map. Unlike Legendary Archwitch which has a chance encounter after defeating an Archwitch, you can encounter a Lord Archwitch directly.

Aside from regular soldier, Lord Archwitch has a Raid Gauge. This type of Archwitch is a very strong Archwitch and must be subjugated multiple times in order to be completely defeated.

You can also join forces with your fellow Alliance members to defeat a Lord Archwitch.

Raid GaugeEdit

The value of the Raid Gauge is 10000. The amount of damage you have dealt to the Raid Gauge determines the level of the Memory Cores you will receive as a reward.

  • 1★ - 499 DMG and below - Memory Core Lv.1 ×5
  • 2★ - 500 to 999 DMG - Memory Core Lv.2 ×5
  • 3★ - 1000 to 1999 DMG - Memory Core Lv.3 ×5
  • 4★ - 2000 to 2999 DMG - Memory Core Lv.4 ×5
  • 5★ - 3000 to 10000 DMG - Memory Core Lv.5 ×5
  • Lord AW Finder - Memory Core Lv.5 ×6

Difficulty LevelEdit

After clicking Start Battle button, a window will appear where you will have to select which difficulty level to battle. The higher the level, the stronger the Lord Archwitch, the higher the damage to the Raid Gauge. Each fight costs one Battle Point. And each successful defeat of the Lord Archwitch will deal damage to the Raid Gauge.

Level HP DMG to Raid Gauge
100 42,000 330
200 500,000 400
300 2,400,000 500
400 85,000,000 660
500 1,200,000,000 1000

Alliance BonusEdit

If more than one alliance member participate in a Lord Archwitch fight, the participants gets ATK and DEF bonus while fighting the Lord Archwitch.

  • 2 members - ATK • DEF +100%
  • 3 members - ATK • DEF +150%
  • 4 members - ATK • DEF +200%
  • 5 members and up - ATK • DEF +250%

Phantom ArchwitchEdit

Phantom Archwitch is a type of an Elemental Chronicle archwitch which appears very rarely but rewards a higher amount of Memory Cores.

The escape time for a Phantom Archwitch is 1 hour, which is shorter than the regular Archwitch's escape time of 2 hours.


A merchant named Petra can be encountered occasionally in the Elemental Chronicle map. Players will be able to trade resources for Rebirth materials, Mirror Maiden shards, and other random items and cards.

Elemental Chronicle Event TimelineEdit

Elemental Chronicle (#1 ~ ongoing)
# Event Soul Weapon UR DMG card
1 The Crimson Sword Natasha 4 icon Natasha Gradia icon Gradia
2 The Magnificent Iron Hammer Marteau 4 icon Marteau Lierre icon Lierre
3 Holy Shield! A Hero! Bruga icon Bruga Evara icon Evara
4 The Glaive of Valor Nene icon Nene Seimei icon Seimei
5 Bow of Love Haniel icon Haniel Shmuel icon Shmuel
6 Black Cane of Dusk Fonce icon Fonce Minos icon Minos
7 Ax of Wisdom Isage icon Isage Madeline icon Madeline
8 The Petal Sword Meiling icon Meiling Taotie icon Taotie
9 Lightning Shuriken Ayame icon Ayame Pai icon Pai
10 Cane of the Heavens Margot icon Margot Soanya icon Soanya
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