Friendship Points (FP) are used in Regular Summons and Goddess Worship offerings. You can hold a maximum Friendship-icon[9999] FP at once. Any FP received while at the maximum will be lost.

Summoning a card costs Friendship-icon[100] FP per summon. Up to 10 cards can be summoned at once for up to Friendship-icon[1000] FP.

How to obtain Friendship PointsEdit

Friendship points are generated when you assist or are assisted by any of your "Comrades" at the start of a battle. You and your comrade gain Friendship-icon[50] FP per assist. You cannot assist a comrade at will - it occurs randomly.

You can gain Friendship-icon[2] FP by greeting players when visiting random kingdoms, or when viewing archwitch rewards. Greeting a comrade grants you Friendship-icon[10] FP instead. Players may be greeted once per day in this way.

Greeting other players encountered while advancing in campaigns grants you Friendship-icon[50] FP. Players may be greeted an unlimited number of times in this way.

Submitting to Twitter gives you Friendship-icon[100] FP for each task; e.g., defeating an archwitch, conquering an area, summoning and so forth. Submissions for each task may be made once a day.

The most efficient way to gain FP is to add many comrades and "help" their resource generating facilities. This is done by visiting their kingdom and tapping on up to three FP balloons above a resource facility. Your comrade will receive more resources and experience when collecting from facilities "helped" in this way. Friendship-icon[30] FP is earned for each resource facility helped, for up to Friendship-icon[90] FP per comrade, per day.

You may also gain FP from login bonuses; the amount varies, but it is most commonly available as Friendship-icon[500] FP. Some quests may also give FP in varying amounts.

To sum up, here is a list of things you can do to obtain FP.

Can be done once a day (most reliable source of FP):

  • Greeting your comrades: Friendship-icon[10] FP per comrade
  • Helping three of your comrades' resource generating facilities: a total of Friendship-icon[90] FP per comrade
  • Submitting to Twitter: Friendship-icon[100] FP per post (once per situation - see the section below)

Can be done indefinitely throughout a day:

  • Assisting or being assisted by a comrade in battle: Friendship-icon[50] FP per assist
  • Greeting other players while advancing in campaigns: Friendship-icon[50] FP per player
  • Greeting random players: Friendship-icon[2] FP per player

Other possible ways to obtain FP: Login Bonuses, Quests, Ranking Rewards

Submitting to TwitterEdit

You can gain Friendship-icon[100] FP by submitting posts under these situations once a day:

  1. Gaining a Kingdom level
  2. Summoning a card
  3. Defeating an area boss
  4. Acquiring an area reward
  5. Defeating an Archwitch
  6. Defeating another player in a duel
  7. Submitting a picture of your collection
  8. Posting invite code (via Presents > Invite Code, Android only)

Note: If you receive the message "Unable to send message to Twitter", try shortening the message before posting.

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