Invite Code is a feature that rewards existing players for inviting new players to the game.

A new player has 24 hours after creating their account to input a code. After this period, they will be unable to input a code. To input a code, go to:

  • Menu > Present > Invite Code > Input Code

Only Android users can input an invite code. iOS users can still receive rewards if an Android user inputs their code.

A player's invite code can be found on the same screen. It is also the same as the user ID:

  • Menu > Profile > User ID


A new player who inputs a code will receive 300 Jewel-icon Jewels .

Players will receive the following rewards for inviting players:

Invites Rewards
1 300 Jewel-icon Jewels
5 500 Jewel-icon Jewels
10 Legendary summon ticket Legendary Summon Ticket

There are no additional rewards after the 10th invite.

Past Rewards

October 14 2016 - March 31, 2017
Invites Rewards
1 300 Jewel-icon Jewels
3 Guaranteed SR Ticket Guaranteed SR Ticket
5 Guaranteed UR ticket Guaranteed UR Ticket
10 Legendary summon ticket Legendary Summon Ticket

Before the renewal of invite codes on October 14th 2016, players were rewarded with exclusive R cards. One card was awarded for inputting a code, 1st invite, 3rd invite, 5th invite, and every 5th invite afterwards.

Invite codes are only allowed within the comments section of this page. Codes posted anywhere else will be deleted.