The green wings that replaced her old tattered ones make her pure hearted.


[Limited SR] Reward
Ancient Coins Ancient Coins Exchange


0✰ Max Level: 50
0✰ Cost: 39
0✰ Attack:  4000 / 6400 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 7227 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Defense:  3950 / 6320 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 7163 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Soldiers : 3750 / 7500 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 8396 (Perfect Amalgamation)

1★ Max Level: 60
1★ Cost: 47
1★ Attack:  4400 / 8960 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 9208 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Defense:  4345 / 8848 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 9100 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Soldiers : 4125 / 10500 (Fantasy Archwitch Reward) / 10768 (Perfect Amalgamation)


Butterfly Effect
Min Level Effect:
 All allies recover 30% / 10% chance
Max Level Effect:
All allies recover 45% / 15% chance


Are these my new wings?
Wow, they're like leaves!
Huh? Am I actually flying? Is
this because of that butterfly?
Battle Start:
Oh, hello there, enemy!
Battle End:
Oh, I got blown around.
Friendship Max:
Butterflies are my friends.
But you... You're my lover!
Friendship Event:
These wings are so light,
the wind blows me around.
So please hold my hand, and
don't you ever let go!
Likeability Rate 0:
Hm? I've never seen you around
here before. Wait, you're not
here to capture me, are you!?
Likeability Rate 1:
Why are you so interested in us
fairies? I bet you really are a
greedy hunter, aren't you?
Likeability Rate 2:
I guess you're not a bad guy,
after all. But can I trust you,
especially around my wings?
Likeability Rate 3:
What's your favorite color? I'd
be so happy if it was the same
color as my wings!
Likeability Rate 4:
I can now fly about worry free
thanks to you. But I hope you'll
keep protecting me!

Card Icons


Lost Fairy
Lost Fairy (SR)
Amalg cross Green Wings
Green Wings (R)
Amalg equal Light Fairy
Light Fairy (SR)

Passion Fairy
(SR) Passion Fairy
Amalg cross Cool Fairy
(SR) Cool Fairy
Amalg cross Light Fairy
(SR) Light Fairy
Amalg cross Dark Fairy
(SR) Dark Fairy
Amalg equal Elemental Queen
(UR) Elemental Queen
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