Limited Enemies are special enemies only found during some events by exploring the Campaign or Event exclusive map. They can also be found in the Bonus Area that appears for events that feature Legendary Archwitches.

Encounters and CombatEdit

5 Cats LE

Limited Enemy with 5 Cats

LE Timer

The bonus Drop rate Timer

Limited Enemies only appear during certain events that have them. They are cards that appear on the Campaign Map (Celestial Realm 1 & 2) or on Event exclusive maps. You can simply "Dismiss" these encounters if you don't want to fight against them at that moment. (Note: Dismissing the Limited Enemy won't make it disappear completely, they can appear again later.)

The strength of the Limited Enemy depends on how many cat symbols appear besides it when it is encountered. The more cats there are, the stronger the enemy and the higher the chance of dropping its own card when defeated.

Areas with higher vitality cost have higher chances of making a Limited Enemy appear. The strength of the Limited Enemies encountered is random and is not affected by the area where it is encountered.

Defeating Limited Enemies increases your chances of obtaining the card. When a Limited Enemy is defeated, its drop rate for the next encounter will increase. This bonus lasts for 30 minutes and refreshes after every battle with a Limited Enemy. This bonus drop rate can be increased up to +100%, but will disappear when the timer runs out. The bonus will also reset if the Limited Enemy drops its card as a reward.

Limited Enemies can use their own skill during the battle and, depending on the skill, it can potentially defeat the player's unit in one round if it is strong enough.

Unlike Archwitch battles, soldiers are lost when battling Limited Enemies and won't be recovered after the battle.

If not defeated within a number of turns, the Limited Enemy may escape the battle and cause an instant loss for the player.

When you find a Limited Enemy, you may press the back button to return to the overworld map. If you return to that location where you left the Limited Enemy and advance, you will encounter her again. She will have the same number of soldiers and drop chance, but it will still cost vitality to encounter again. You can use this technique to store Limited Enemies for a period of time, which can be useful if you later need to encounter a Limited Enemy right away to keep your 30 minute timer from reaching zero. Note that stored Limited Enemies do disappear after some time.


When defeated, Limited Enemies can drop one of the following:

Bonus Area Limited EnemiesEdit

When a limited enemy is only available in a Bonus Area, they will usually not have a timer or an encounter bonus. This is likely due to the fact that bonus areas themselves have time limits and you can't guarantee to find a second (or more) bonus area before the limited enemy timer runs out.

Limited Enemies in bonus areas also have slightly different rewards which includes Awakening materials.


Some Limited Enemy mechanics were changed in an update. The timer was increased from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and the drop rate bonus caps of +5% for SR Limited Enemies and +10% for R Limited Enemies were removed.

Limited Enemy TimelineEdit

Limited Enemy Timeline
Event Enemy Location
6th (Exclusive Day Event (Mammon)) Selene icon Selene Celestial Realm map during Monday.
6th (Exclusive Day Event (Mammon)) Europa icon Europa Celestial Realm map during Wednsday.
10th Senri icon Senri Celestial Realm map on Areas 1 to 4.
10th Cockroach icon Cockroach Celestial Realm map on Areas 1 to 4.
10th Flatwoods icon Flatwoods Celestial Realm map on Areas 5 to 8.
10th Samael icon Samael Celestial Realm map on Areas 5 to 8.
10th Dark Mystic icon Dark Mystic Celestial Realm map on Areas 5 to 8.
13th Selene icon Selene Celestial Realm map during Monday.
13th Europa icon Europa Celestial Realm map during Wednsday.
16th Saint icon Saint Celestial Realm map.
22nd Brunhild icon Brunhild Celestial Realm map from Nov 22 to Dec 02.
22nd Volcanus icon Volcanus Celestial Realm map from Nov 27 to Dec 02.
24th Maidryl icon Maidryl X'Mas Town Too! map on Areas 4 and 5 from Dec 22 to Dec 26.
26th Hansel icon Hansel Celestial Realm map from Jan 15 to Jan 28.
26th Gretel icon Gretel Celestial Realm map from Jan 21 to Jan 28.
29th Malady icon Malady Celestial Realm map.
29th Eir icon Eir Celestial Realm map.
32nd Nike icon Nike Celestial Realm map from Mar 24 to Mar 28.
35th Monochrome icon Monochrome Celestial Realm map from May 9 to May 15.
37th Fortune Egg icon Fortune Egg Celestial Realm map from Jun 5 to Jun 12.
40th Anne Bonny icon Anne Bonny Celestial Realm map from Jul 25 to Jul 31.
42nd Furry icon Furry Roots of the Godtree map on areas 2 and 3.
42nd Afanc icon Afanc Roots of the Godtree map on areas 4 and 5.
44th Cosmonaut icon Cosmonaut Astral Nexus map on Secret Area EX2.
48th Ninja Master icon Ninja Master Crimson Gardens map on Secret Area Ninjayashiki.
51st Frosty icon Frosty Christmas Village map on Area 5.
53rd Laperm icon Laperm Appears inside the Witch Gate during the event.
56th Beer Babe icon Beer Babe Appears inside the Witch Gate during the event.
57th Gungnir icon Gungnir Alfheim map on Area Alfheim.SP.
62nd Pigsy icon Pigsy The Road to Battle map on Areas 2 and 3.
66th Course Worker icon Course Worker Valkyrie Raceway map on Area 5.
68th Nova icon Nova Mount Brimstone map on Areas 4 and 5.
73rd Loveberry icon Loveberry Bonus Area
84th Nadia icon Nadia Bonus Area
93rd Keymaker icon Keymaker Bonus Area
94th Luna icon Luna [Lunar Party Hall] Special Area "Party Hall"
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