The red wings that replaced her old tattered ones have left her quite elated.


[Limited SR] Reward
Ancient Coins Ancient Coins Exchange


0✰ Max Level: 50
0✰ Cost: 39
0✰ Attack: 3800 / 6080 / 6907 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Defense: 4100 / 6560 / 7403 (Perfect Amalgamation)
0✰ Soldiers : 3750 / 7500 / 8396 (Perfect Amalgamation)

1★ Max Level: 60
1★ Cost: 47
1★ Attack: 4180 / 8512 / 8636 (Mixed Evolution) / 8760 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Defense: 4510 / 9184 / 9310 (Mixed Evolution) / 9436 (Perfect Amalgamation)
1★ Soldiers : 4125 / 10500 / 10634 (Mixed Evolution) / 10768 (Perfect Amalgamation)


Red Wing Dance
Min Level Effect:
All enemies' DEF 60% down / 15% chance
Max Level Effect:
All enemies' DEF 60% down / 20% chance


Red wings are so stylish!
Flying's much more fun now!
My new wings are so pretty!
Don't I look great in them!?
Battle Start:
Time to dance on red wings!
Battle End:
Maybe red's too conspicuous.
Friendship Max:
These wings are the color of
my heart and my passion!
Friendship Event:
I love my new wings. My old
ones weren't so colorful.
Plus, they make it easier for
you to find me wherever I go!
Likeability Rate 0:
You're one of those greedy
fairy hunters, aren't you!?
Better say your prayers!
Likeability Rate 1:
If you're not fairy a hunter, then
why didn't you say so!? It's your
fault for not clearing that up!
Likeability Rate 2:
I can tell you're not a bad guy,
but I still don't trust you! And
stay away from my wings!
Likeability Rate 3:
Don't I look great in these red
wings? I hope you don't think
another color would be cuter.
Likeability Rate 4:
I'm so glad we met! But don't go
chasing other fairies. You have
to protect my red wings now!

Card Icons


Lost Fairy
Lost Fairy (SR)
Amalg cross Red Wings
Red Wings (R)
Amalg equal Passion Fairy
Passion Fairy (SR)

Passion Fairy
(SR) Passion Fairy
Amalg cross Dark Fairy
(SR) Dark Fairy
Amalg cross Light Fairy
(SR) Light Fairy
Amalg cross Cool Fairy
(SR) Cool Fairy
Amalg equal Elemental Queen
(UR) Elemental Queen
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