• After realising that the discussion forums were perhaps the wrong place to go regarding this topic, I thought that where better than an administrator's wall?

    I have noticed that there are a number of articles on this wiki regarding individual cards that feature "small" images of the card (320x448) as opposed to the standard size of 640x869. An example of these smaller sizes can be found on the latest Alliance Bingo Battle cards from the twentieth of January. Is there a particular reason for this, or is it just a case of small images being added as placeholders and then being forgotten? I consider the latter to be more likely, since it seems that small images are added at first and then replaced with larger ones soon after.

    Nevertheless, I have compiled a list of the small card images that may prove helpful (this list does not include the new ABB cards):

    N Black Bunny Apron

    N Joker's Sickle

    SR Eir Maid

    SR Eir Maid (H)

    SR Illumi

    SR Illumi (H)

    UR Asto Vidatu

    UR Asto Vidatu (H)

    UR Bumpkin

    UR Bumpkin (H)

    UR Blazing Whitecloth (H)

    UR Playful Hades (Red) (H)

    UR Rapier Master (H)

    UR Rex Luna Llena (H)

    UR Sentinel Adele (H)

    UR Temari

    UR Vegie

    UR Vegie (H)

    LR Divine Alpheratz (H)

    LR Lucky Fortuna (X)

    LR Popple (H)

    LR Stone of Melody

    LR Sunrise Stone

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