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Tower Events are events that allows you to proceed to the next floor by acquiring a floor pass from defeating floor bosses and rune bosses. You can obtain floor rewards and unlock upper levels as you go to the next floor. The higher floor you enter, the better chance of obtaining better rewards. Ranking is based on the highest floor reached.


One Tower Battle Point (Tower BP) is required to start a round battle. Tower BP recovery is 1 per 45 minutes. Full Tower BP recovery takes 3 hours & 45 minutes. The length of round battles is 30 minutes, while rune boss battle is 20 minutes. The level of difficulty determines the number of fights per round battle.

Unlock Requirement N/A 50F 150F 500F 1000F 3000F
Number of Fights 1 2 3 4 4 4
Floor Boss Max Level Level 20 Level 120 Level 220 Level 320 Level 420 Level 800
Max HP 0.35M 6M

Boss: 5M
Minion: 1M


Boss: 30M
Minions: 5M ×3


Boss: 120M
Minions: 13M ×4


Boss: 310M
Minions: 38M ×4


Boss: 720M
Minions: 200M ×4

10-30 Passes 40-60 Passes 90-110 Passes 190-210 Passes 380-400 Passes 760-800 Passes
Rune Time
100-300 Passes 400-600 Passes 900-1100 Passes 1900-2100 Passes 3800-4000 Passes 7600-8000 Passes
Rune Boss Max Level Level 50 Level 150 Level 250 Level 350 Level 450 Level 800
Max HP 1.8M

Boss: 1M
Minions: 0.2M ×4


Boss: 10M
Minions: 1M ×4


Boss: 80M
Minions: 5.5M ×4


Boss: 140M
Minions: 13M ×4


Boss: 440M
Minions: 38M ×4


Boss: 1000M
Minions: 200M ×4

30-90 Passes 120-180 Passes 270-330 Passes 570-630 Passes 1140-1200 Passes 2280-2400 Passes
Rune Time
160-480 Passes 640-960 Passes 1440-1790 Passes 3040-3360 Passes 6080-6400 Passes 12160-12800 Passes
Rune Boss
Max Level N/A Level 200 Level 300 Level 400 Level 500 Level 800
Max HP N/A 19M

Boss: 15M
Minions: 1M ×4


Boss: 110M
Minions: 9.25M ×4


Boss: 200M
Minions: 16.75M ×4


Boss: 500M
Minions: 45M ×4


Boss: 1000M
Minions: 200M ×4

N/A 240-300 Passes 390-450 Passes 690-750 Passes 1260-1320 Passes 2520-2640 Passes
Rune Time
N/A 1280-1600 Passes 2080-2400 Passes 3680-4000 Passes 6720-7040 Passes 13440-14080 Passes

Floor boss gives 1 envelope while a rune boss gives 3 envelopes as regular reward. This number increases to 10 and 16, respectively, during Rune Time Movement.

Chest received as rewards from beginner is 1, from intermediate is 2, from advanced is 3, and from extreme and ultimate is 4. While the rune boss in both extreme and ultimate gives rainbow chest/s, it does not mean guaranteed drop for items. The number of chests are tripled during Rune Time Movement.

If all the units have been used and you are not able to finish all the round in one BP, you will be asked to continue. Continuing with another BP gives a Continue Bonus which provides +50% to ATK/DEF. A second continue bonus, if the first one is not over yet, resets the time of the bonus but provides  another +50% to ATK/DEF, and can bring the total continue bonus to up to 200%.

Rune BossesEdit

Rune Bosses have a chance of appearing after winning a Final Round. You have 20 minutes to defeat a Rune Boss.

1 Tower BP is also required to start a fight against Rune Bosses. The number of teams that can be used to fight against the Rune Boss is depending on the level of difficulty where the Rune Boss had spawned.

Aside from floor passes and various rewards, 1 or 2 runes can be obtained from defeating each Rune Boss. Each rune has it's own special effect and the effects are as follows:

  1. Yellow Rune - Soldiers +10%
  2. Blue Rune - DEF +100%
  3. Red Rune - ATK +50%
  4. Green Rune - Skill Chance +3%

The BP Refill BP Refill is a possible reward from defeating a floor boss and also a possible reward from defeating a Rune Boss in beginner level. It instantly recovers a BP and resets recovery time, i.e., if you had 5 minutes left to recover a battle point, after collecting the Rune your timer will indicate 45 minutes.

After collecting 5 runes, you will enter Rune Time. The effect of the runes collected are doubled. In addition, more rewards can be obtained. At the end of Rune Time, runes previously earned disappears.

KO GaugeEdit

Tower bosses have a feature called KO Gauge. The KO Gauge reduces as you attack the main boss. When the gauge is emptied, you will enter KO Chance period. The higher the rarity of the card, the larger amount of damage can be dealt in reducing KO Gauge. Attacking with opposing element deals 2x damage.

Rarity DMG to KO Gauge Max DMG to KO Gauge (220 + base DMG)
Base Opposing
Base Opposing
N / R 10 20 230 240
SR / HSR 20 40 240 260
UR / HUR / GSR 30 60 250 280
GUR 40 80 260 300
XSR 45 90 265 310
LR 50 100 270 320
XUR 55 110 275 330
GLR 70 140 290 360
XLR 95 200 315 410
SR summon - 80 - 300
GSR summon - 120 - 340
UR summon - 180 - 400
GUR summon - 240 - 460
XUR summon - 340 - 550
KO Gauge HP
Difficulty Floor Boss Rune Boss Limited Rune Boss
Beginner 80 (40 at lower floors) 180 (100 at lower floors) -
Intermediate 350 (150 at lower floors) 600 (400 at lower floors) 600 (450,500,550 are also possible values depending on the SC of the main witch )
Advanced 700 1800 2000
Extreme 950 2500 3000
Ultimate 2000 3500 4500
Elite 4000 7000 9000

Combo DamageEdit

Cards with Turn Skip Skill can be used to inflict a series of attack called COMBO. Every attack to the main boss increases the damage dealt to the KO Gauge by 10. When 7 Combo is reached and above, cards will deal an additional 100 damage to the KO Gauge. The damage dealt to the KO Gauge stops increasing when 12 Combo is reached.

Number of Turns RequiredEdit

The following tables show the minimum required turns per card rarity to empty the KO Gauge. First table is for non-opposing elements dealing base amount of damage, while second table is for opposing elements dealing twice the base amount of damage. Since it shows minimum required turns, numbers in both tables are for battles where there is continuous combo, i.e., skipped the enemy's turn right from turn 1.

Base Damage with ComboEdit

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Extreme Ultimate Elite
Rarity FB RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB
N / R 4 6 7 9 9 9 14 15 10 17 20* 15 22 26 24 37 46
SR / HSR 3* 4 7* 8 8 8 13 14 10* 16 18 14 20 24 12 35 44
UR / HUR / GSR 3* 4 7* 8 8 8 13 14 10* 16 18 14 20 24* 22 33 41
GUR 2* 3 5 7 7 8* 12 13 9 15 17 13 19 23* 21 33 40
XSR 2* 4* 6* 7 7 8 12 13 9 15 17 13 19 23 21 32 40*
LR 2* 3 5 7 7 8* 12 13 9 15 17 13 19* 22 20 32* 39
XUR 2* 3 5 7 7 8* 12 13 9* 15* 16 13 18 22 20 31 38
GLR 2* 3* 5* 7* 7* 7 11 12 8 14 16* 12 17 21 19 29 36
XLR 1* 2* 4* 6* 6* 6 10 11 8* 13 14 11 16 19 18* 27 33

Opposing Damage with ComboEdit

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Extreme Ultimate Elite
Rarity FB RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB FB RB 2nd RB
N / R 3* 4 7* 8 8 8 13 14 10* 16 18 14 20 24 12 35 44
SR / HSR 2* 3 5 7 7 8* 12 13 9 15 17 13 19 23* 21 33 40
UR / HUR / GSR 2* 3* 5* 7* 7* 7 11 12 8 14 16* 12 17 21 20* 30 38*
GUR 1* 2 4* 6* 6* 7* 11* 11 8* 13 15* 11 16 20* 18 28 35
XSR 1* 2* 4* 5 5 6 10 11 7 13* 14 11 16 19 18 28* 34
LR 1* 2* 3 5* 5* 6* 10 11* 7 12 14* 11* 15 18 17 27* 33
XUR 1* 2* 3* 5* 5* 5 10* 10 7* 12 13 10 15 18 17* 26 32
GLR 1* 2* 3* 4* 4* 5* 9* 9 6* 11 12 9 14* 16 15 24* 29
XLR 1* 1* 2* 3* 3* 4* 8* 8 5* 10* 11* 8 12 15* 13 21* 26*
SR booster 1* 2 4* 6* 6* 7* 11* 11 8* 13 15* 11 16 20* 18 28 35
GSR booster 1* 2* 3* 5* 5* 5* 9 10 7* 12* 13 10 14 17 16 25 31
UR booster 1* 1* 2* 3 3 4* 8* 8 5* 10* 11 8 12 15* 14* 21 26
GUR booster 1* 1* 2* 3* 3* 3* 7* 7 4* 9* 10* 7 11* 13* 12 19* 23
XUR booster 1* 1* 2* 2* 2* 3* 5 6* 3* 7* 8* 6* 9* 11* 10 15* 19
* The 1st or the last turn does not have to be part of the combo.

KO ChanceEdit

During KO Chance, attacks inflicted break the damage limit, allowing you to deal large amount of damages. A card not in burst mode can deal up to 5M DMG, regardless of element and rarity. While in burst mode, cards can deal up to the following maximum damage:

  • GSR and GUR cards can deal up to 10M DMG per hit
  • XSR and XUR can deal up to 20M DMG per hit
  • GLR cards can deal up to 30M DMG per hit.
  • XLR cards can deal up to 60M DMG per hit.

KO Chance lasts for 5 turns. After the 5 turns, if the main boss/rune boss is not defeated, the KO Gauge returns at full amount so it is better to take them down while in KO Chance.

Element BoostEdit

Starting from the 26th Tower event, Element Boost has been added. Element boost multiplies your floor passes gained by a certain amount for each team, that consists of five cards of advantage element. The multipliers are as follows:

  • 5% for 1 team
  • 10% for 2 teams
  • 20% for 3 teams
  • 50% for 4 teams

This multiplier is separate, meaning it stacks with boosts from cards. Floor passes are calculated by the following formula: B × E × C = T

  • B - Base floor passes received
  • E - Element boost
  • C - Boost from cards
  • T - Total floor passes received

As an example, if you get 2000 points, have 3 full element teams (+20% floor passes) and have a booster that boosts for 180%, your total floor passes will be: 2000 × (1 + 0.20) × (1 + 1.80) = 6720

Elite difficulty and Symbols Edit

Starting from the 34th Tower event, Elite difficulty and the Symbols have been added. The enemies will have a certain Symbol, which causes them to only receive usable amounts of damage from the corresponding Resist Symbol in the Elite difficulty. The Symbol matchups are:

  • Symbol Sun Sun will resist Symbol Sea Sea and deal extra damage to Symbol Earth Earth
  • Symbol Sea Sea will resist Symbol Earth Earth and deal extra damage to Symbol Sun Sun
  • Symbol Earth Earth will resist Symbol Sun Sun and deal extra damage to Symbol Sea Sea

Ultimate Skill Edit

Also starting from the 34th Tower event, every team has an Ultimate Skill. When used, the Ultimate Skill will deal 100% damage of remaining HP to all enemies, effectively instantly winning you the battle.

The Ultimate Skill can only be used once per battle round. To use the Ultimate Skill, you need to fill the ULT gauge. This gauge is visible on the left side of the battle screen. When you attack with a card, a number on the top of the gauge will show how much is added to the gauge. When it is full, the ULT skill is ready to be used. How much is added to the gauge depends on the amount of cards with Symbol advantage in the team:

  • 0 cards → +2
  • 1 card → +3
  • 2 cards → +4
  • 3 cards → +5
  • 4 cards → +10
  • 5 cards → +20

The amount needed to fill the ULT gauge depends on the difficulty:

  • Beginner → 20
  • Intermediate → 30
  • Advanced → 50
  • Extreme → 75
  • Ultimate → 100
  • Elite → 100

Using the ULT skill consumes all gauge points. Some things to note on the ULT gauge:

  • Each team has its own, separate ULT gauge.
  • Changing the difficulty clears the gauge for all teams (NOT confirmed).
  • The gauge does NOT clear when you modify your teams, not even when replacing all cards.

Some tips for using the Ultimate Skill:

  • Do not use the Ultimate Skill just because. It can be a great life saver when no cards proc on turn 1, so make sure you have it available as much as possible.
  • If you have just used the Ultimate Skill with a team, and the next time that team fight it does proc some cards on turn 1, consider extending the fight a bit if you can, to refill the ULT gauge. This will depend a bit on the amount of turn skills you can achieve, so make sure you calculate that in advance. You might also extend the fight past the first KO chance, so make sure you can reach the second as well.

Rewards Edit

Rewards are given for reaching certain floors as well as defeating bosses. Floor rewards change each event and can be seen in the event details and ranking screens in the game. Boss rewards from the chests are random and can include the following cards and items:

  • Floor Passes (amount is dependent on tower difficulty)
  • All N cards that are available from Regular Summon.
  • R, SR, UR cards that are available from Premium Summon
  • Rare Medals
  • Awakening materials
  • Custom Skills materials
  • Tower cost refill (BP refill)
  • Rune Bosses can also drop the current event amalgamation materials.  no longer after garnet event

Maximizing Battle PointsEdit

Last Battle Point Tricks Edit

Outside of Rune TimeEdit

  1. Do not use the last BP to start a Round Battle because of the possibility of a Rune Boss encounter.
  2. If (accidentally) started a Round Battle using the last BP, you can do either of the following:
    1. Option 1: Start the last fight for the round battle, but don't deal the finishing damage until you are sure that the time passed is enough for another BP to recover.
      1. This requires that your phone/device doesn't (automatically) exit the app while it is idle waiting for the time to pass.
      2. Do not finish the battle and go to reward screen/rank update screen. The 20-minute time limit for Rune Boss starts after killing all enemies of the last fight for the Round Battle.
    2. Option 2: Start the last fight for the round battle when the remaining time for the next BP is less than 20 minutes.
      1. For those that have devices that automatically exits idle apps, this option is safer.
      2. Alarms/reminders come in handy for this option so that you'll still be able to start the last fight before the time limit for the round battle expires. You'll also have enough time for a BP to recover before a Rune Boss disappears.

During Rune TimeEdit

  1. If it is a Round Battle, choose either of the 2 options above.
    1. You will get all the Rune Time rewards.
    2. You will still have a BP for a possible Rune Boss, although the Rune Boss fight is now out of Rune Time.
  2. If it is a Rune Boss, start the fight and hold off the finishing skill/damage then only finish it when you think Rune Time is already over.
    1. You'll get all the Rune Boss rewards as if it is finished during Rune Time.
    2. will also get the rune/s.
    3. DO NOT FINISH the BATTLE and go to the reward screen or rank update screen. Even if you will only go to the main tower screen after Rune Time, you will not get the rune/s because the fight was considered done within Rune Time.

Starting Rune Time with Full BP Edit

This is a method to start rune time with 5 tower BP.

  1. When you have 3 or 4 Runes, wait till you have at least 2 BP.
  2. Start a fight on your selected level of difficulty.
  3. If a Rune Boss didn't appear after winning the fight, go back to Step 1.
  4. If a Rune Boss appeared, Start Fight with Rune Boss.
  5. Kill the Rune Boss, proceed to either "Victory Screen", "Reward Screen", or "Rank Update Screen".
  6. Force close or exit the VC app on your device.
    1. For Apple devices, refer to here on how to force close apps.
    2. For Android devices, look for VC app on the list of recent applications opened and exit the app from there.
    3. You can always re-launch the game after force closing.
    4. If reopening the game, do not re-enter the Tower. This will not gather the Rune/s yet, thus not triggering Rune Time.
    5. This also allows you to do other activities in the game such as treasure hunts, mini games, or kingdom, deck management, and AW hunts or Campaign progress.
  7. Go to the main Battle screen to view how much time until your Tower BP is restored.
    • Optionally, you can set a timer or alarm to notify you when the BP will be restored should you miss the in-game notification for this.
  8. Once your Timer/Time indicates that your Tower BP is restored, enter the Tower battle screen to collect your Rune. If you only get a 4th rune, go back to step 1.
  9. If everything goes well and Rune Boss gave you enough for 5 Runes, Rune Time will start and you will have 5 BP to use.

Tower Event TimelineEdit

This is the timeline of the Tower-Type Events and their related event cards.

Original Tower (#1 ~ #12)Edit

Tower Events #1 ~ #12
Event Extreme / Advanced Intermediate / Beginner Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards SR DMG Cards
1st True Murakumo icon True Murakumo Murakumo icon Murakumo N/A Almace icon AlmaceJoyeuse icon Joyeuse Ridill icon Ridill
2nd Scorching Surtr icon Scorching Surtr Surtr icon Surtr N/A Tupsimati icon TupsimatiAbabinili icon Ababinili Muspell icon Muspell
3rd Teen Shion icon Teen Shion Little Shion icon Little Shion Kaede icon Kaede Daisy icon DaisyPeony icon Peony Lira icon Lira
4th True Alpheratz icon True Alpheratz Alpheratz icon Alpheratz Furyu icon Furyu Almach icon AlmachMirach icon Mirach Erakis icon Erakis
5th Spinel icon Spinel Petitrite icon Petitrite Chalcedony icon Chalcedony Lapis Lazuli icon Lapis LazuliTurquoise icon Turquoise Amy icon Amy
6th Sunny Tagirihime icon Sunny Tagirihime Tagirihime icon Tagirihime Ooinu icon Ooinu Amakoyane icon AmakoyaneFutodama icon Futodama Morphium icon Morphium
7th Stylish Kisaragi icon Stylish Kisaragi Kisaragi icon Kisaragi Oracle In Love icon Oracle In Love Timah icon TimahCharlotta icon Charlotta Tenderness icon Tenderness
8th Mature Hina icon Mature Hina Hina icon Hina Arare Princess icon Arare Princess Utai icon UtaiPeachy icon Peachy Anya icon Anya
9th Mystic Eos icon Mystic Eos Divine Eos icon Divine Eos Halley icon Halley Galileo icon GalileoMirei icon Mirei Captain Cook icon Captain Cook
10th Mage Emilie icon Mage Emilie Apprentice Emilie icon Apprentice Emilie Alyssa icon Alyssa Nero icon NeroMao icon Mao Luluka icon Luluka
11th Mighty Tyrano icon Mighty Tyrano Tyrano icon Tyrano Raptor icon Raptor Tricera icon TriceraPtero icon Ptero Ichthyo icon Ichthyo
12th Ninja Hatsune icon Ninja Hatsune Rookie Hatsune icon Rookie Hatsune Yami icon Yami Water Ninja icon Water Ninja
Fire Ninja icon Fire Ninja
Wind Ninja icon Wind Ninja

GLR Amalgamations Tower (#13 ~ #19)Edit

Tower Events #13 ~ #19
Event Ultimate Extreme / Advanced Intermediate / Beginner Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards SR DMG Cards
13th N/A Soloist Lu icon Soloist Lu Lu icon Lu Irisa icon Irisa Feli icon Feli
Caro icon Caro
Timi icon Timi
14th Captain Mikli icon Captain Mikli Pilot Mikli icon Pilot Mikli Mikli icon Mikli Jorna icon Jorna Krull icon Krull
Strahler icon Strahler
Effole icon Effole
15th Lenalee icon Lenalee Crusch icon Crusch Catherine icon Catherine Dariel icon Dariel Feuille icon Feuille
Roll icon Roll
Nonon icon Nonon
16th Shanlian icon Shanlian Arsia icon Arsia Kokone icon Kokone Olivia icon Olivia Linlin icon Linlin
Amalia icon Amalia
Greta icon Greta
17th Chef Luana icon Chef Luana Cook Luana icon Cook Luana Luana icon Luana Umeko icon Umeko Chloe icon Chloe
Lena icon Lena
Leviatan icon Leviatan
18th Akebono icon Akebono Aboro icon Aboro Sazanami icon Sazanami Nagi icon Nagi Hatsuharu icon Hatsuharu
Nanakusa icon Nanakusa
Suzu icon Suzu
19th Royal Applause icon Royal Applause Floral Applause icon Floral Applause Applause icon Applause Farfalla icon Farfalla Ipheion icon Ipheion
Zuiko icon Zuiko
Pericallis icon Pericallis

XLR Tower Rewards (#20 ~ #23)Edit

Tower Events #20 ~ #23
Event Ultimate Extreme / Advanced Intermediate / Beginner Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards SR DMG Cards
20th Garnet icon Garnet Janitor Garnet G icon Janitor Garnet Lady Garnet icon Lady Garnet Citrine icon Citrine Emerald icon Emerald
Onyx icon Onyx
Koz icon Koz
21st Aria icon Aria Flashy Brillante G icon Flashy Brillante Brillante icon Brillante Minore icon Minore Viviana icon Viviana
Ikari icon Ikari
Mimi icon Mimi
22nd Captain Shell icon Captain Shell Sky Shell G icon Sky Shell Nova Shell icon Nova Shell Cheluna icon Cheluna Amiel icon Amiel
Sharitel icon Sharitel
Arche icon Arche
23rd Murasaki Shikibu icon Murasaki Shikibu Chic Izumi Shikibu G icon Chic Izumi Shikibu Ono No Takamura icon Ono No Takamura Sei Shonagon icon Sei Shonagon Yugiri icon Yugiri
Tamakazura icon Tamakazura
Amath Haq icon Amath Haq

Non-SR Amalgamations Towers (#24 ~ 31) Edit

Tower Events #24 ~ 31
Event Extreme - Ultimate Beginners - Advanced Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards SR DMG Cards
24th Master Olen icon Master Olen Olen icon Olen Chouette icon Chouette Souris icon Souris Topo icon Topo
25th Nocturnal Hinoki icon Nocturnal Hinoki Hinoki icon Hinoki Futaba icon Futaba Maron icon Maron Ms. Kyoko icon Ms. Kyoko
26th Hero Prinny icon Hero Prinny Asagi icon Asagi Sicily icon Sicily Prinny icon Prinny
27th Elated Haunt icon Elated Haunt Sad Haunt icon Sad Haunt Aristia icon Aristia Sophia icon Sophia Yulan icon Yulan
28th Bath Amaterasu icon Bath Amaterasu Fall Amaterasu icon Fall Amaterasu Akizu icon Akizu Landlady Holly icon Landlady Holly Maid Izumi icon Maid Izumi
29th Saint Moroz icon Saint Moroz Moroz icon Moroz Carol icon Carol Renna icon Renna Schnee icon Schnee
30th Sacred Oracle icon Sacred Oracle Angelic Oracle icon Angelic Oracle Mayoi icon Mayoi Shushi icon Shushi Mutsuki icon Mutsuki
31st Sweet Cairn icon Sweet Cairn Chocolaty icon Chocolaty Sweet Jigan icon Sweet Jigan Haru icon Haru Chio icon Chio

Removal of SR cards (#32 ~ 33) Edit

Tower Events #32 ~ 33
Event Extreme - Ultimate Beginners - Advanced Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards
32nd Shirin icon Shirin Idise icon Idise Aisha icon Aisha Mysti icon Mysti
33rd Elisa icon Elisa Carcalla icon Carcalla Fey icon Fey Raina icon Raina

Addition of Elite difficulty (#34 ~ Ongoing) Edit

Tower Events #34 ~ Ongoing
Event Extreme - Elite Beginners - Advanced Second Rune Boss UR DMG Cards
34th Celestial Angel icon Celestial Angel Cagnolino icon Cagnolino Wald icon Wald Nella icon Nella
35th Mother Gaia icon Mother Gaia Agate icon Agate Lapis Lazuli icon Lapis Lazuli Ritu icon Ritu
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