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  • I live in somewhere that is invisible to mortals...
  • My occupation is busy university student (2020-2022) and midcore F2P gamer. Neither hardcore nor casual, just midcore.
  • I am an existent yet untraceable being.

Hi, I'm a very old player who started at March 2013, and I still remember the days when I used to wander around the wiki as an anon. My very 1st archwitch was Cu Sith, and I still remember Lesser Demon's giant butt to this day. Then I quitted after 2-3 years, but I just don't remember whether I quitted in 2015 or 2016. Anyway, I reinstalled it at 28 March 2018, kept playing until August 2018, then went on hiatus and reawakened in 20 November 2019.

UPDATE: November 20, 2019 - I'M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!! Just finished high school so I got tons of time now!!!

UPDATE 2: January 31, 2020 - I'm leaving this game. Today is my last day of this game. Wanna know the reason? I just don't have so much time to accomodate this game. I'm still alive, I'm just leaving this game. Also tbh, I don't even wanna leave, but I just have wayyy more important things in my life compared to VC. Thank you all for everything. My account will be used by somebody else, and this userpage will contain outdated and/or incorrect information by the time of reading. But I'm just gonna keep it all anyway for the memories!

UPDATE 3: As of the time of updating, User:OjArts has claimed my account. The ID's 7slmx if you wanna be comrades. Here's a history of the LRs I got and the (F)AW drop records when the account was still mine: User:Jupitia/Past History of the 7slmx Account

UPDATE 4: Actually, during the time waiting for my account to be given, it just felt weird to not play VC at all. So, I improved the account I wanted to give away before the account was actually claimed, and at Valentine's Eve 2020, I grabbed User:Blabla Nana's account. (That person quitted cold turkey at January 20-something 2020 anyway, and we're good friends irl) Although gameplay intensity will be super casual now, the ID's sk22 if you still wanna be comrades.

Names and StatusesEdit

WARNING: I turn game notifications off. They drain my battery a lot, so when I'm not playing and you send me a(n) L/F/AW, don't expect me to help.

~☆Jupitia☆~ I can be active. But don't expect me to play all the time.
~☆JupiOFF☆~ Exams, might not log in, or in the rare case that I get bored...

Compilation of Fanmade CardsEdit

My best memories as an ex-VC player were these fake cards in the wiki.

Here's all the fanmade cards, in one place!


I hope he's still playing...his last Contribution was a comment on Regal Huang Long in October 2017.

User:Buiquangduy (Golden Witch Beatrice)


UPDATE (December 2019): HEY!!!!! This Blabla Nana person just got their account baaack!!! Their old device can't be repaired (forever), but they contacted support and successfully got it back on a different device! Their userpage is outdated, they'll make a new wikia account soon, with updated info.

UPDATE (January 2020): Nahhh, my friend eventually quitted after ~1 month of playing, and never made a wikia account.

UPDATE (February 2020): I claimed their account now. The ID's sk22.

I know this person irl. They (I'm not gonna tell you other people's gender in a place like this! And they're a singular person!) deactivated their wikia account looonnnggg ago because they quitted gaming at that time. Now this person spends their time focusing on real life and never returned to gaming again. And I probably should too, but why would I?

Random story: During the 5th anniversary, I told them that it's the 5th anniversary right then, and I thought I wanted to take over their account. I think that account was on Level 71 or something like that. But they didn't have social media back then, and I discovered that the device they used was broken and can't be repaired anymore. They basically cried when I tempted them about "UR Login bonuses, LR chance tickets, really easy Tower Event, Build a 2nd Kingdom Gate without doing the story..."

User_blog:Elit3Blaze/Blaze (Thank goodness he's still alive until now!)

Random VC-Related StuffEdit

Maiden I can relate to: Norns. (As of 22 Nov 2019: OMG I GOT HER!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!) Capable but lazy. Personality wise, she's similar to Idler, but Norns is smart while Idler is probably at Fierce Zhong Kui's level of intelligence, or even worse.
Maiden I like the most: Well...I'm sorry, I don't have an answer for this. I'm incapable of liking them in the sense know. Let me tell you, I'm here because I loved Samurai Empire's gameplay so much. But then, it was closed, everyone got Crescent Moon (I was at my unplayable account), and...yeah. I'm just here for the exciting battles, and of course I'm still entitled to play this.
What?! You're still forcing me to give an answer?! Okay, if you insist... *Sigh*. Fine. I'll just say Leviathan. During my 1st ever trip to the cinema (it was during childhood), we watched this movie involving Leviathan the sea serpent/dragon monster, but sadly I forgot the title. Since then, Leviathan became very significant to me. I had a copy of Leviathan Ex in my dead, old account. And in this account, I have Lord Leviathan, her most powerful form.
On 22 September 2019, I made a compilation of 16 different backgrounds that change hourly from 6 AM - 9 PM (only works for Mac):

My Fanmade CardsEdit

DISCLAIMER: Card borders belong to Nubee/Mynet, special thanks to YamiKazu for SR and UR borders in DeviantArt. All images belong to their respective owners.

  • MIRACLE☆Guitar Karin. Taken from Miracle Nikki.
  • MIRACLE☆Keyboard Reno. Taken from Miracle Nikki.
  • MIRACLE☆Vocal Meru. Taken from Miracle Nikki.
  • MIRACLE☆Bass Maria. Taken from Miracle Nikki.

My Photoshops!Edit

The Celestial Slayer EDITED


These are the other games I'm playing:

Food Fantasy Global UID: 1439147

Food Fantasy New Journey UID: 107767

Love Nikki UID: 115103912

Mr Love Queen's Choice ID: 11399779 (Please don't judge me, VC community! And feel free to ignore the text wall at the very bottom of this page if you get turned off by text walls.)











Confession: I've never been attracted to females. But please don't bash me. The only reason I played VC, Age of Ishtaria, and whatever other waifu-centric anime mobile RPG there is, is because of the gameplay. I looked into husbando-centric anime mobile RPGs, but they'd have simplistic strategy-less combat or the genre is (simple) puzzle and I basically have a win rate of 95%-100%. That's not fun, that turns me off way more than the lack of husbandos. Take VC for example. I may own lots of LRs, XURs, XSRs, GURs, GSRs, but my win rate ain't 100%. And I can't even beat the Extreme level in one go, I'm Intermediate in Demon Realm and Advanced in Tower, if I do Advanced in Demon Realm all my teams would get wiped out, and if I do Extreme in Tower, I'd have to use 2 BP. And let's not talk about Ultimate and beyond. But I find that wayyy more enjoyable compared to games where if you have lots of high rarity characters (and leveling them up is also pretty easy, usually), you simply win all the time. I'd rather put in effort, but be average (or maybe suck), rather than have very little to no effort but be OP 24/7. In fact, everybody's already OP at being effortless anyway so it's not even something to be proud of. Oh, and the real reason I quit VC because I have a busy real life now. The games above don't need as much attention (but effort is still important to succeed!) as VC (AW grinding and waiting for Vitality and BP to restore, and to use them ASAP, in serious mode, I remember spending 7-15 hours daily for VC. I don't have the time anymore for that, so that's why I quit and gave my account away. UPDATE: Not playing VC felt weird, so I picked it up again, but this time on a different account.

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