aka Kuro_0ni

  • I live in Krymson Flames Alliance
  • My occupation is Alliance Leader
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Profile User ID: apx8o

Kuro Oni

Kingdom LVL:179

Rank All Time: 138

Alliance: Krymson Flames (formerly Crimson Flames)

Began Playing VC: 2016/3 

TimeZone: -10 GMT

About MeEdit

So my play style originally was geared towards Event Campaigns, but now Im more focused on ABB & Tower Events. I inherited my guild, it was formerly Crimson Flames, but as all the former members retired and have left the game, I changed it to Krymson Flames. So now the guilds focus, is play at your own leisure, or have fun with the game.


Standard teamsEdit

Ymir H
Dark G GUR
Doomed Calamity H
Dark G GLR
Simon Says H
Passion G LR
God Scheherazade H
Passion G LR
Lazy Alchemist H
Light G LR
Deck Cost: 785, Unit Bonuses: None

Lord Leviathan H
Cool G LR
Halley H
Cool G GUR
Moonshadow Eos H
Cool G GLR
Turbo Aludra H
Cool G GLR
Empress Tyrano H
Cool G GLR
Deck Cost: 872, Unit Bonuses: Blue Refresh II (Atk +10%)Unit composed of entirely COOL element Maidens

Other ProfilesEdit

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