Ishikore-Dome H

My Favourite Card :)

In-Game Name: Vei (Usually with DNS behind, meaning Do Not Send me F/AW)

User ID: aueit

Time Zone: (GMT+RNG) I don't follow my timezone hours(GMT+8) usually ;)

Registration Date: 14th May 2016

Most Favourite VC Card: Ishikore-Dome

Most Favourite VC Artist: Pooh

Rank All Time: 1 (Her First Test)


Other Info: Although my registration date was 14th May 2016, I only played the game as a city building game until September 2016 before I start to play the non city building part... which was pretty merciless to me then because the first event I played was Bounty Hunt 1...

I also write VC article on my Blog when I have inspiration/ideas :)


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