The "9M Users Commemoration Campaign" will be held starting 0:00 on November 6th (JST) to thank everyone and commemorate the breaking of the record of 9M Users!

You can obtain a total of 5670 Jewel-icon Jewels during this campaign!!

■Special Login Bonuses!

Campaign Period: 0:00 on November 6th ~ 23:59 on November 15th (JST)

For the duration of the campaign period, a special login bonus will be distributed for each day you log in!

Extravagant Login Bonuses

  • November 6 → Jewel-icon Jewels ×900
  • November 7 → 1st Edition 9M LR Summon (will feature the LR version of Crimson Eyes) Ticket x4
  • November 8 → MIRROR MAIDEN (SR) x1
  • November 9 → SLIME QUEEN+ (UR) x3
  • November 10 → Jewel-icon Jewels ×900
  • November 11 → 2nd Edition 9M LR Summon (will feature Doomed Calamity) Ticket x4
  • November 12 → MEDAL GIRL (SR) x3
  • November 13 → Jewel-icon Jewels ×900
  • November 14 → 3rd Edition 9M LR Summon (will feature True Victoria) Ticket x4
  • November 15 → MIRROR MAIDEN (LR) SHARD x1

Don't forget to log in each day!

The 9M DL Commemoration LR Summon Tickets are tickets that can be used for 9M DL Commemoration.

Please refer to the "9M DL Commemoration LR Summon" news for more details about this summon.

■Special Quests have been added!

Period:12:00 on November 6th ~ 11:59 on November 16th (JST)

New Special Daily Quests will be added during this period.

Jewels, Resources and Gems can be received as rewards for completing daily quests!

This is a chance to obtain up to Jewel-icon Jewels ×2970!!

Complete quests everyday and get Jewel-icon Jewels !

Quest Details

  • Perform 1 Regular Summon → Jewel-icon Jewels ×90
  • Perform 1 fusion to upgrade a card → Jewel-icon Jewels ×90
  • Defeat 1 Archwitch → Jewel-icon Jewels ×90
  • Defeat 3 Archwitches → Gold • Ether • Iron ×90000 each
  • Defeat 5 Archwitches → Gems ×9000
  • Defeat 10 Archwitches → Gems ×90000

※Please note that daily quests will refresh at 0:00 (JST).

※If the daily quest list does not refresh after 0:00 (JST), please access the Menu > Quest > Daily Quests screen or try restarting the game and the daily quests will refresh.

Please refer to Menu > Quest > Daily Quest list for further details.

■Regular Summon Special Line up has been updated!

Period:12:00 on November 6th ~ 11:59 on November 16th (JST)

The Regular Summon line up has been updated and only available during this period.

Regular Summon Line up


Use this chance to strengthen your unit!


  • Login bonuses will be sent to the present box.
  • Rewards received from quests are distributed directy to your inventory.
  • Kindly understand that campaign duration and content are subject to change without notice.

Thank you as always for your continuous support of Valkyrie Crusade!

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