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How do you feel about the amount of information at the Valkyrie Crusade Fandom Wikia?

The poll was created at 09:32 on June 15, 2018, and so far 63 people voted.

Why am I asking this

After being such a lazy admin for a very long time, I might as well start things off with this poll (finally).

I am not as experienced as the other two admins Kushieda_minori and Choocolatiah in terms of coding, but I do have more experience in the field of graphic design, visual communication, etc. Over time, as I just place data and data as every new event comes along, all pages that I am adding to, gets notoriously clogged and just becomes a huge wall of text and stuff to scroll through.

I do understand that this Fandom Wikia for Valkyrie Crusade is pretty much like a 'database' for the game, without having to actually open your game every single time, but there are numerous areas at the wikia which I think could significantly be simplified in the amount of text or information shown in general.

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