Okay so the last VC blog I made was called "If Valkyrie Crusade Was A Movie" and most of you guys seemed to think that VC would not make for a good live-action movie. And I can see where you guys are coming from.

But I think VC would make for an awesome anime. Plus, if Valkyrie Crusade was to become an anime, that means we would get to see more interactions between the maidens and learn more about the Celestial Realm (Heaven) and the Infernal Realm (Hell).

VC has so many awesome characters, gorgeous settings, and fascinating lore that I think it would just be a total waste of creative talent and energy if they didn't expand upon the two main worlds of this game in an anime.

Plus, I think a VC anime would boost the popularity and appeal of the game itself because when people who are intrigued by the anime find out that it's based on a game full of beautiful maidens and nice gameplay, a huge majority will probably download the game. What does this mean for the game? It means that the game will have a larger audience. The larger the audience, the chances are the bigger the money too, which will ensure that Mynet has enough money to continue this wonderful game.

So yeah, Mynet, if you're reading this, I really hope you make an anime based on VC. Just think of all the possibilities!

If Valkyrie Crusade ever was an anime, what would you guys want to see in it? I really want to know.

Thanks for reading my blog! ^-^

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