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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I can't remember the last time I've been able to actually sit down and invest myself into VC again. College started last month, and ever since then my life has been crazy. Fortunately, I seemed to have found the state of mind I need in order to play VC seriously. Unfortunately, that may not last long.

    I've been logging on rather regularly, but all I really do is donate to the beautiful card that is Licorice. I've haven't been actively participating in events, nor have I really frequented the wiki all that much lately. But now that I've logged on and played for a decent amount of time I can see just how much I missed. Honestly, I thought skipping the year of 2015-2016 was the worst thing I could do. 

    But the break helped me realize just how m…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    This is too much

    February 24, 2017 by Fuguruma Rin

    Hopefully this won't be full of salt, believe it or not it's not my goal to be salty.

    But I think Mynet threw a bit too much at us. At least, that's the reason I got so upset with this event. Now that I've had a couple days to digest the thing that is LR Relena, I've realized that this event isn't really the worst thing to happen to me with VC.

    Okay, so what I mean by giving us too much is that I feel that they introduced the Amalgamating LRs a little too early - The few LR cards in the game are still currently the one thing that everyone either loves or hates (similar to the awakening feature when it was first introduced). They're still rather new; too new to introduce an event where you can create one - with enough swords, shoes, and salt th…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I'm going to admit something I'm not proud of: I got lazy during an event when farming is key. Hence, As of this morning, I had just amalgated my first UR Sally (with Rare Sallys, of course). But uh...we all know that Sally's SC is rather lacking, and to be perfectly honest needs to be a GUR in order to work the best. 

    But how was I going to get 8 Rare Sally's to make another perfect UR?

    I had work today, as well as some house cleaning I'd been meaning to do for a while. (Oh, by the way...70s adhesive makes your hands REALLLLY sticky and dry. Like, my fingers made a rubbery sound when I rubbed them together). But that's beside the point. 

    Anyway, I decided to play VC during whatever freetime I had. By 7pm, I had 20 Katrinas, 5 Dancing Sallys, a…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    I haven't even maxed out Rahu's hearts, but I can't find it in myself to care. This event was one big let-down for me, mainly because of the Amrit stuff. Astronomical prices for Gilgamesh, and the highest drop we can get is 99 drops from EH if we're lucky.

    I haven't hit the 1k mark for Amrit, but I'll hit that with the RR I'm getting, so I might just grab the Spell and wait until Gilgamesh appears again. That way, half of it is already done with. No way in HELL can I get 2k Amrit by the end of this event. I'm trying to save my shoes and swords, dammit!

    The whole lack of Amrit thing is partially my fault as well, for not pushing myself as hard as I usually do.

    The fact that December translates to Test and Project month in school doesn't help t…

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  • Fuguruma Rin

    LR Summon

    November 30, 2016 by Fuguruma Rin

    I was chatting with a bunch of my VC friends on instagram about the upcoming LR summon, and what we expected, or hoped, for it.

    I'm going to write the couple of points we all agreed on below.

    - No rares in it. Probably not going to happen, but it would be nice to have the lowest rarity be SR. I mean, personally I medal most of them anyway (except Chronos. I need Chronos)

    - Hopefully a larger pool of LRs than just Fenrir (maybe Oracle; but the news said she was exclusive to the summon, right?) and for the love of god Mynet, GIVE MIA ANOHTER SHOT! 

    - Gives out LR tickets during campaigns and other stuff. (For example: Happy New Year! Here's one LR ticket!) Once again, pretty optimistic.

    The reason why I wrote this is because I want Relena's Chall…

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