I can't remember the last time I've been able to actually sit down and invest myself into VC again. College started last month, and ever since then my life has been crazy. Fortunately, I seemed to have found the state of mind I need in order to play VC seriously. Unfortunately, that may not last long.

I've been logging on rather regularly, but all I really do is donate to the beautiful card that is Licorice. I've haven't been actively participating in events, nor have I really frequented the wiki all that much lately. But now that I've logged on and played for a decent amount of time I can see just how much I missed. Honestly, I thought skipping the year of 2015-2016 was the worst thing I could do. 

But the break helped me realize just how much VC influenced (and is still influencing) my life. I found that it's on my mind more than I like it to be, and that I feel a little sad when I skip a day of logging in. It's weird, knowing that a bunch of pixels has a strong hold over you, but it's nice to be able to see that. I think I've done a good job separating myself from VC, and now I can actually enjoy playing the game.

Will I be able to rank high this tower event? Nope. I'm a college student, and being broke is something I have become.

Do I really need the cards? Not really, but I really want to try and actually get the UR this time around.

What's my goal? To get to 90k, get Kaede, and maybe even True Peony. Or just Peony. She's adorable.

College is tiring, and it's nice to have realized that VC still has some entertainment value left for me. I've decided not to spend any more cash on this game - I haven't spent much, but money is money - and just play for fun. Hoard the free jewels, and maybe - just maybe - I can get Haunt for free someday. 'Cause she CUTE.

Just me rambling, if you've made it this far, then congrats and thanks for reading my word vomit.

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