UPDATE: As of the time of typing this, my account has been claimed by User:OjArts.

UPDATE 2: No, I didn't end up quitting cold turkey. I continued to play with a quitted friend's account, but super casually.

The information below is now outdated.

January 31, 2020.

I'm leaving this game. Today is my last day of this game. Wanna know the reason? I just don't have so much time to accomodate this game. I'm still alive, I'm just leaving this game. Also tbh, I don't even wanna leave, but I just have wayyy more important things in my life compared to VC. Thank you all for everything, since March 2013. Guildmates and comrades past and present, I'll miss you...

Account Level: 99

Jewels currently on hand: 1355

LRs owned (of varying levels, but none of them are at max level, not counting amalg mats. None of them are evolved): Time Chronos, Lord Leviathan, Clever Oracle, Karma (2x), Norns, Celestial Trio (3x), Ninhursag (2x), Archwitch Ymir, Sauin, Shanlian (2x), Bruga, Arava, Chef Luana (2x), Krene, Roselia, Lil' Crimson Eyes, Marguerite, Mitsuki (2x), Nene, Hazuki (2x), Asmodel.

XURs and GURs owned (of varying levels) (not counting Battle Maiden Training Ground 2 archwitches): Halley, Anchor, Adele, Alyssa, Mage Emilie, Mighty Tyrano, Mystic Eos, Raptor, Guardian Licorice, Ninja Hatsune, Crescendo, Scully, Soloist Lu, Queen Poseidon, Yggdrasil, Summer Snow, Faust, Knishka, Messagere (2x), Santiclaus, Fall Amaterasu, Afflige, Tiram, Thrud, Schwartz (2x), Failnaught, Moroz, Peria, Sexy Summer Pixie, Christmas Koh (2x), Letta, Chacha, Howling Fenrir, Angelic Oracle.

My (F)AW Drop Counts: Astral Stolas 19x, Goddess Cynthia 27x, Luna Llena 56x, Wayland 41x. Many of these are already evolved, while a few of these are in my present box.

XSRs and GSRs owned (some are maxed, others are at level 1): Thor, Balam, Talisman (2x), Pincho, Lock Heart, Lilim, Carabine, Captain Cook, Lira, Ion (3x) 

My card storage is full, tho, (335/335). In my collection, I have 6 HR old event Sacred Treasures + an HR Assistant Loid (sheeesh...she's mirrored), plus 3 really old SRs: Ash, Seducir and Brain Crusher.

In my present box, I have TONS of UR slimes, TONS of SRs and also a lot of Rs and Ns.

I'm also in an awesome 6-year-old alliance called Unova, led by Bratsey1! Woohoo, there you go, membership in a nice alliance! They may not be active all the time, but when they're at their most active, it's super awesome!

My kingdoms:
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