As most of you have seen in the In Game News, there are some new features coming. First is the new event type "Demon Realm Voyage". It appears to be like a mix of Tower, EH, and AW events based on what data I can see in the game files and APK extract. Each event looks like it'll be a story line split into "Chapters" (the first one will be called "New Beginnings" and appears to have 6 chapters)

  • it has rank rewards and "arrival rewards" Similar to towers... So I'll assume it's the same structures
  • Also has a table for "dungeon area type" but again, it's empty so far
  • The string files for dungeons looks interesting
    • They also have different difficulty like EH - Beginner through Extreme
    • The first event is called New Beginnings
    • The areas that need to be cleared are called "chapter 1" through "chapter 6"
    • Need to clear any of the previous "episodes/courses"(probably the "chapters" above) a certain number of times to unlock later stories (2, 4, 10, 15, or, 20 times)
    • NEW POISON DAMAGE: in certain areas it's received every turn
    • New Passive Heal in certain areas provided by Angel
    • Enemies will drop things called Demon Cores and Treasure boxes. I'm betting the treasure boxes work the same as Tower boxes.
    • There's also a text file call "DungeonFever" but doesn't seem to have anything useful in it. Just 1 string, "Demon Realm Hidden Lands" - Maybe there is a fever type thing like towers/abb

Here are some images from the APK for the new "Hell" event:

Next up is the new Evolution rank for SR/UR/LR cards called "Rebirth" This adds a new rarity of XSR/XUR/XLR and will work similarly to Awakening but use new items. The game files don't have the items yet, but some existing cards are already scheduled to have the new feature: Griffin, Arpa, Letta, Wise Oracle, Tamiel, Lucky Fortuna. Reborn cards will get a new quote and you can now see these ones on the wiki. You can also see the information Elle and I have added to the Upgrade and Max Attack and Defense pages.

The new Rarity images are: XSR XUR XLR

New Element Icons for the new Rarity are: Passion X Cool X Light X Dark X

Example of what new XSR cards will look like: Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 16.57.29

I'll add more information here as it pops up.

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