I'm officially retiring from playing VC. I've removed my admin rights here, but will maintain bureaucrat role for now. I'll still respond if people write on my Wall, but otherwise will not be maintaining the wiki anymore from a content standpoint.

If someone feels the need to be an Administrator, they should write to User:Choocolatiah or myself to get promoted. Generally everything on the wiki is editable by non-admins except for a few things like undeletes, some media management like image renames/deletions, user permissions, and javascript/css modifications. If you feel that you want to edit/maintain any of those items, feel free to speak up at any time.

It was great being part of this community for so long, and wonderful meeting so many of you. At this time, my alliance is still active, but a new leader has not been chosen yet.

Hope you all continue to have fun collecting new maidens!

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