I'm really happy because this is the firt time the RNG bless me, not only in this game but all the games I Play.

Like lots of people I dind't get nothing from the LR ticket from the 9M users campaign, I had already known that I won't get anything.

Earlier today I recived the rank reward, 2 LR chance ticket (and something else that I don't remember), I decided to use them and a Premium ticket at that moment insted of saving some more.

Firts I got a R from the premium ticket, well, it's normal I thought. Next I spent the first LR ticket and got a R again, at that moment I was thinking "well, it's a normal day getting nothing", used the second ticket expecting another R. Then I saw this and my morning became better.


I started playing 2 months ago and I don't have very good cards, probably I won't be able to user her properly, but I'm still happy.

Hope you guys have luck too and a good day. (º-º)9

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