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Choocolatiah did a Fantastic blog article on Maxing GLR Stats and I thought it will be good if there's some examples to follow. Note that this is less optimized and not an exact example base on her steps in that article. If you have no problem understanding Choocolatiah's Maxing GLR Stats blog you can skip this totally.

For the below Example, I'll use a Level 9 GLR with an Attack of 60000 to calculate the amount of Arcanas needed for Max Attack when the GLR reaches Level 110. Each step is listed and then followed by the result/calculation of the GLR used for this example.

P.S. Defense works the same way as Attack so you can just replace all instances of Attack below with Defense.

Steps to calculate amount of Arcanas Needed to Max GLR Stats

1. Note your Current GLR Attack

  • Attack = 60000

2. Level up your GLR by One level (Don't use Arcana to avoid complications)

  • Attack = 60150, GLR Level = 10

3. Find out the increase in Attack after the level up, in this case,

  • Attack Increase = 150

4. Subtract 1 from the number you get, thus,

  • Attack Increase = 149

5. Multiply Attack Increase by the number of levels the GLR will take to reach 110 (100 more levels to reach 110 for our Level 10 GLR)

  • Attack gained = 100(Levels to reach 110) X 149(Attack Increase) = 14900

6. Add the above result to the Attack of the GLR (Level 10 GLR in our example)

  • Attack at Level 110 = 60150(Level 10 GLR Attack) + 14900(Attack gained) = 75050

7. Subtract the above result from 150000(Max GLR Stat)

  • 150000 - 75050(Attack at Level 110) = 74950

8. Finally, divide the result above by 50 to calculate the amount of +50 Arcanas needed

  • +50 Attack Arcanas Needed = 74950/50 = 1499 (Rounded up if there is any decimal places)

So for this example, a Level 9 GLR that has an Attack of 60000 will need 1499 +50 Attack Arcanas to be applied for the GLR to reach the Max Attack of 150000 when she reaches Level 110.

With the above, you can substitute your own numbers in to figure out the amount of arcanas needed for your GLR.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading :)

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